Trailblazers in the New Paradigm

13 Teachings, Month by Month Breakdown

  1. Set your Clear Intention & Set your Direction to your True North

    Clarify, embody, & hold your intention for the transformational journey. What is an intention? How do you set your True North?

  2. Access Your Inner Star Essence.

    Navigate life and create from your truth. Recognize when you are in or out of alignment with your True North.

  3. Vision & imagination practices.

    Expand Your Journey Skills. Find your North Star (Your Destiny Star/Passion/Purpose/Direction) and learn techniques that enhance or add to your journey experience.

  4. Clearing

    Breathing, Grounding, & other Techniques & Practices for Clarity on the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual levels.

  5. Orienting

    Let’s get acquainted with your Inner & Outer Wilderness. Where are you? Where do you want to go?

  6. Navigating & Decision Making

    The new way of being on the planet brings change in how you navigate. We will cover many layers of making decisions to support your inner star essence.

  7. MAPP Out your Path

    Put whats on the inside to the outside. Exploring the mythical layer and perspectives to create plans for moving forward.

  8. Prepare

    Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual preparations for a transformational journey.

  9. Attune

    Tuning in to where you want to go, techniques to embodying new frequencies.

  10. Source

    Where does your energy come from? How do you receive information? Connecting with who you want to become, your future self.

  11. Step in

    Step into the new place of being, into your sweetest, highest destiny.

  12. Explore the New Way of Being.

    Live it in all aspects of life. What is possible?

  13. Share & Express Your Inner Core Essence.

    Your Inner Star Essence