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Month 1 Stepping on the Path

week 1: Intentions

week 2: Receiving Gifts from the Journey

week 3: Journey of the Wilderness Within

week 4: Implement the teachings and journeys.

Month 2 Your Inner Self

Week 1: Access Your Inner Star Essence

Week 2: Put Into Practice what you are learning.

Week 3: Connecting with Your Inner Star & Inner Flow

Week 4: Notice your flow, how do you move in the world?

Month 3 Tending to the Inner Gardens & Strengthening Your Dreams

Week 1: Vision & Imagination Practices

Week 2:

Week 3: Exploring your Inner Gardens & Clearing the Path to your North Star

Week 4:

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Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

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Month 13