I’m currently in the process of completing my book!

At the time I was my sickest, I left my physical body and gained a different perspective on life and it was that experience that helped me to find proper treatment and gave me ideas of how to heal myself. I promised at that time that if I could heal, I would share my story to help others.

What I have found by sharing my story through presentations and workshops, is that others WITHOUT Lyme Disease have also been inspired by my story!

My book tells my story from running road races at the age of 3, to becoming a Wilderness Guide on top of the world in the high mountains, to falling desperately ill. I share my perspectives and insights on healing and navigating Lyme and how that brought me on an incredible spiritual journey to the incredible Mountains of Peru, and a deeply moving spiritual journey guided by Native Elders in North and South America.

Ways to support and to receive a copy of my book:

Head over to my other website: JaclynAOuillette.com/Book

Thank you!


From my Wild Spirit to Yours,