New Moon Circle


Each New Moon we gather to sit in circle in community. We focus on the inner work with sound, energy medicine teachings, and shamanic journey.


Full Moon Circle


On the Full Moons we gather in Community to sit in circle and share teachings. Each month is different with the focus on being together. We may have fires and potluck, shamanic journeys, or teachings.


Intro to the Earth Keeper's Journey


This is an introduction to the Earth Keeper's Journey. The Earth Keeper's Journey is a 5 week class to receive Shamanic Initiation Rites (Munay-Ki) and teachings.


Earth Keeper's Journey



5 Week Journey of Teachings & Initiations (Munay-Ki).

Receive teachings and 9 Initiations to assist you in awakening and expanding your consciousness. These help you to remember who you really are and connect you to ancient lineages and luminous ones who have stepped outside of time and are here to assist us. They help us to upgrade our luminous energy field, the light body.


Luminous Warriors Women's Circle


A Circle for Women focused on working with the Luminous Body, and empowerment through wilderness, movement, energy medicine, and teachings.


Munay-Ki Weekend Intensive


Fri-Sunday we focus on the Munay-ki nine rites of initiation so that you will be able to gift them to your friends, clients, and community. Learn energy techniques to help you in assisting others through this journey.