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Informational Evening; Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation

  • Retreat at Loon Pond 51 Loon Pond Lane Litchfield, ME, 04350 United States (map)

This is an introduction evening, a story telling of an epic story being played out on this planet, one that you are invited to. There is a time when the new humans, the real humans will arrive on this planet..those made of more light. The time is now and we have been gifted a beautiful energetic map to upgrade our luminous energy field, the energy bubble that surrounds us. This energetic map is a gift from the luminous ones, those who have mastered this plane and stepped outside of time. Munay-Ki is a Quechuan word from the Q'ero of the high mountains of Peru that is a process of remember who you are.

There was a calling that led me here...

A calling that originated deep in my soul. And this is how it came to be:

In 2006 I became severely disabled by Lyme Disease. At that time I lost my ability to work in the area of my passion, as a wilderness guide. I was devastated actually, and lost my ability to work and to function, I lost my home, my car, my job, and my health insurance all within a few short weeks. After traveling the North East for 2 1/2 years seeking a cure, I realized that western medicine wasn't the answer. 

I asked for a way out of this darkness that I felt entrapped within, constantly cycling, tumbling with no way out....the pain was excruciating. After a conversation with a voice one night, I was shown a spark of light to follow. (Theres much more to the story but I will leave it at that for now) 

I followed a tiny spark of light. That Light has guided me out of the darkness and disease and into living an amazing, adventurous, and deeply rich life. 

Long story short, That light led me first to "The Munay-Ki".....

I had no idea what it meant, or what it was, but I felt the resonance of the words in my heart my core and I knew.

And so I went for it and opened myself to these teachings and initiations that had come from Peru, that were held untouched in the mountains for over 500 years and passed through many reach me here in Maine. 


My life shifted almost immediately and within a few short months I was hiking in Arizona and Utah, 13 miles and up canyon a few short years I went from bed ridden to hiking Mount Pachatusa, about 16,000 feet in elevation. All this after the doctors said I would never return to the Wilderness!

After receiving such an amazing shift, I went on to study these teachings and initiations across the country and down in the mounatins and sacred sites in Peru. I hosted elders from the Q'ero Nation from Peru as they came to the North East and deepened my study and understanding of these ancient techniques and ways.

I knew these energies had shifted something great inside of me, and I focused on learning and practicing as much as I could to bring these to others. What I have seen is this process of unveiling the true removing the clutter, the blocks, the past traumas...and a building of courage and strength to let that inner star shine! I have seen people come more grounded and forward, more connected as human and spirit.

It is said that the real humans will walk on the planet, those who are made of more light...and that this is a process of becoming you again, to remember who you really are.

I have been gifting and guiding people through this process since 2009. And what an amazing journey it has been so far.

The Munay-ki are a series of energetic transmissions that transform and upgrade your luminous energy field, the energy bubble that surrounds you. 

There are 9 initiations that begin with clearing and upgrading the luminous energy field,and weaving luminous threads with the Earth Keepers, ancient ones, luminous beings, guides, and our future selves.

These initiations have been given to us through several different cultures, and to protect the cultures these have come from, these have been adapted with permission through Alberto Viloldo and his mentors to fit our modern world. We are not being initiated into a culture, rather receiving an energy and activating that energy within us to grow more of our own spirit here in this form.

This is an introductory evening for those who are ready to begin the journey, or for those who would like to find out more information.

During this informational evening we will:
*Share the story of these energies and teachings
*Take a guided Journey to connect with one of the rites
*Option to Receive one of the Rites
*Introduce ways to receive all 9 rites (everyone goes at their own pace)

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$35 Space is limited
Pre-registration and payment required to save your space

To Pre-Register Contact Marlene Hemstead at Retreat at Loon Pond in Litchfield, Maine
Send a Private Message through Retreat at Loon Pond FB Page
Call 207.576.1858 - Credit card payments can be made over the phone

Looking forward to the next journey,