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Guided Journey into the Inner Realms, Crystal Singing Bowls & EarthMAPPing

  • Forest Circles 315 Ward Road Topsham, ME, 04086 United States (map)

This will be a fun and expansive day on a Journey into Your Inner Realms to unlock Your Wisdom hidden below the surface within the "Lower" Realm of your Consciousness. We will journey and work directly with the Earth (EarthMAPPing) to understand the messages and symbols in the journey.

This is a place that holds so much wisdom!

However we often avoid this may seem dark..

but darkness is just a representation of the unknown or unseen. The darkness also represents the rich, deep, nourishing Earth.

Through this journey we will shine the light and make the unknown known for your own personal journey and path.

This will allow you to navigate your life with ease and grace.

Jaclyn is a Certified practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, and has been guiding people on inner and outer journeys since 2004.

I was trained as a Wilderness Guide and worked in wilderness therapy programs until I became severely ill with Lyme Disease. When I was so sick and couldn't work as a wilderness guide anymore, I began doing really deep inner work....the only place I could go was within. During my 2 1/2 years while bed -ridden, I journeyed within to find what was hidden within me. What I discovered was a vast landscape that wasn't being expressed in my outer world. As I connected with these places within me, and began to bring these out piece by piece, my world began to change. My inner guidance led me on an amazing journey of healing and it continues to unfold today. I am fully back to health, beyond my wildest dreams, and continue to seek guidance in my inner worlds to help me navigate and live my highest dreams and sweetest destiny today!

I'm super excited to be sharing this with you!

When you receive the messages and gifts, you turn those places that were once dark, into places of power.

Following the Inner Journey, we will create a container for the Earth to hold our spirit expressions by working directly with natural elements outdoors.

I call this process EarthMAPPing, and it has helped me to clarify and understand the unique vibrational qualities of my journeys and to process my inner world in the outer world. EarthMAPPing has helped me to navigate my way back to health and see my directon clearly.

Over this Journey You will:
*Strengthen your Journey skills
*Stretch the limits of your Imagination
*Turn shadow into light and empower yourself
*Learn to work directly with the Earth to gain understanding
*Deepen your connection with your Inner Wisdom & Guidance
*Gain insights and messages to questions you are seeking
*See the next step for your personal growth or spiritual path
*Learn to decode the messages you see, so you can use this in the future with other questions after the weekend

The Inner Landscape is vast. We will take a journey following the "Underground Currents" that will guide you deep into your Inner Gardens to explore, and meet your guides in these magical realms.

The ancient practice of journey guides your soul into the realms that exist deep inside of you. Here you are able to access guidance and see solutions that aren't tied to the physical reality. To be in this place of ceremony allows you to make shifts on the soul level..which then trickles through every part of your being including mind/thoughts/ and your physical reality.

As you journey in and explore, you are making subtle shifts that allow you to express yourself more fully. With continued practice this brings more glow, more freedom, and understanding on the soul level, and brings more flow and happiness to your life!

This is for you if:
*You want to deepen your connection to your own wisdom
*You want to practice your journey skills
*You have a question and want help finding your own solution
*You want to stretch your imagination and use it as a tool and a guide
*You want to develop deeper connection with your inner guides
*You not only want to journey, but to learn ways to implement the vibration and messages you receive
*You want to bring your inner world to be expressed more fully into the outer world
*You want to play with the earth and be outdoors with others

Bring a Journal and Pen
Be prepared to be both indoors & outdoors (the weather will determine how long we are outside)

$30 per person (plus ticketing fees)
or 2 for $50 (plus ticketing fees)

Pre-Registration Required (Space is limited)
For questions please email

I look forward to this journey with you,

Guided by Jaclyn Ouillette, Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society's Healing the Lightbody School where she became a full mesa carrier and was initiated into the lineage of ancient earthkeepers and lightbody healers directly by Q'ero elders. Jaclyn is also a certified practitioner of Generational Healing Method & a Registered Maine Wilderness Guide as well as a mother of a vibrant 4 year old mermaid fairy princess. She has been guiding clients on inner and outer journeys of self-awareness & personal growth since 2004.

For more information about Jaclyn and her work: