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Introduction to the Light Body & Shamanic Energy Medicine

  • Retreat at Loon Pond 51 Loon Pond Lane Litchfield, ME, 04350 United States (map)

This evening class will be an Introduction to the Light Body & Shamanic Energy Medicine. 

On my own personal healing journey I went through a devastating battle with Neurological Lyme Disease. This wrecked me completely. You can listen to a recording of me sharing my story for the first time by clicking here.

My journey through the western medical system was very hard. It was hard to navigate, it was hard to have something that not all medical professionals could even agree existed, but what this frustration, confusion, and failing health led me to, was even greater than I could have imagined. I felt like western medicine had failed me, but through a series of synchronistic events, I ended up being initiated with ancient rites that started to awaken my spirit and experienced pieces of myself returning back to me. The energy work that I received was beyond time and space. I began to grow the light brighter within myself and began to see and to recognize more than this particular physical existence. I learned my healing was much more than "fixing what was wrong with my physical body."


I learned of 4 energy bodies and of the energy bubble that encompasses all people. This curiosity and experience of immediate healing and transformation in my life led me to seek out teachers across the U.S., down into Peru, and to Mexico. I wanted to learn more..and to be able to share this with others. 

I learned that the energy bubble has alot to do with our experiences in this life. The energy bubble, or Light Body holds memories of all of our lifetimes. We can access the past and the future and bring transformation into our lives today. 

In this Intro Evening, I will share information that I have gathered about the Light Body and will share some practices you can use to work with your energy bubble to assist you in seeing differently and through a crystal clear lens.

I will share some Shamanic Perspectives on Life, Energy, and the Universe. 

I will also offer a demonstration of a mini Shamanic Energy Medicine Session.

I'm very happy and looking forward to sharing my spiritual practice with you.

  • Bring a journal and pen if you wish
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring an open Mind

To Pre-Register Contact Marlene Hemstead at Retreat at Loon Pond in Litchfield, Maine.

$35 Space is limited
Pre-registration and payment required

Please contact Marlene Hempstead to sign up:
-Message through Retreat at Loon Pond
-Call 207.576.1858 - Credit card payments can be mane over the phone