Journey of the Vision Tree, Digital Download

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Deepen Your Roots & Reach the Stars(1).png

Journey of the Vision Tree, Digital Download

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Welcome to the “Journey of the Vision Tree”

This journey has been profound for many, so happy you have decided to step into your vision!

This includes:

3 Audio Teaching Sessions with Guided journeys that take you from your ROOTS to your CORE, to your CROWN.

Set your intentions, ground deeply, access the layers of your CORE, and vision from the highest part of your being. This journey includes activities and questions to help you to step into your greatest living.

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I’m looking forward to this next journey with you,


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It's so important to be grounded, firmly rooted, & connected so you can reach more fully and openly to the Stars!


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This is an Invitation for all Earthy, Spiritual, & Determined Women, Visioners, Caretakers, & Midwives for the New Earth.

The Journey of the Vision Tree guides you back home to your own roots, to be guided by the light in your core, and to receive a clear vision for your future.


The Journey will guide you with 3 separate audio teachings and guidance to implement each one into your life. You can listen from your device any where, any time, and go at your own pace. You can pause the audio if you need more time, and re-listen to the parts you want to hear again.

You will be guided through:

Intentions - Setting Clear intentions for the Journey. We will explore the How & why as well as doing!

Roots- We will explore the foundation of your being, this is a real earthy layer where we will dig our hands in and really root and ground ourselves. There are 5 major roots that we will cover.

Core- The Core of the tree is the channel, the core essence of you is also your Star Essence. We will explore the layers within the core, the multi rings and also find ways to utilize that channel.

Crown- The Crown is the opening to the stars, to the higher realms. From the crown of the tree you can see from a much different perspective..and can see a great distance.

Vision- We will explore vision, the different ways of seeing, the multiple perspectives. The whole journey is designed to help open you to greater vision. We will complete each section with experiencing a vision, and then learning ways to step into that vision and embody it.

Participants have shared that the journeys were "profound," "deep," and "insightful."

“I just had to tell you, I’ve had so many unfoldings since the vision tree weekend. And thank you for helping me bring my vision forth.”

Enjoy the journey,

Jaclyn Ouillette