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Get so connected to your True Self, Lead your Life with your Inner Star Essence, the brightest compass that resides within the very CORE of your Being

This is an 8 week homestudy journey guided by Jaclyn Ouillette

The inner COMPASS program guides you on a journey to unravel the depths of your soul so that your true spirit can shine. This is a healing journey that will guide you to Clear, Orient, MAPP, Prepare, Attune, Source, Step in. This journey involves going deep within, and taking what is within you to the outside where it can be seen. You will work on the layers of your luminous energy field to clear and ground, so you can access the brightest core of your being. You will be lifted and attuned with your highest vision from this new place, and given tools to implement that vision in your life. Over the journey you expand your awareness each week, opening up and clarifying your deepest desires, then learning ways to bring these immediately into your life.


Are you ready to step into your highest vision?


This Journey is for you if you:

  • Are seeking a greater, truer expression of yourself

  • Seeking clarity & ways to expand your reach in this world

  • Desire to make a profound change in this world

  • Are ready to shift things in your life right now

  • Want to uncover your purpose and find your unique direction

  • Clarify your path & start living it

  • Lead your life from your highest vision

  • Lead with your Star Essence

This Journey is NOT for you if you:

  • Want someone to do this for you

  • Are looking for someone else to tell you your purpose

  • Aren't ready to take responsibility in your own life

  • Aren't willing to give up the stories of the past

  • Aren't ready to commit to change


 *Prerequisites for The Inner COMPASS Program are MAPPing & ‘Journey of the Vision Tree.’ Please check out my programs  here

*Prerequisites for The Inner COMPASS Program are MAPPing & ‘Journey of the Vision Tree.’ Please check out my programs here

In the Inner COMPASS Program, Jaclyn shares what she found as she has gone from Bed-Ridden to Black Belt. This is an Intensive program that requires deep commitment in both time and a willingness to do what it takes to step into the transformation you seek. “Bed-Ridden” to you might be the place you are stuck, or have been stuck for a while. You know you are there and you want to get up and out of your situation and really live again. “Black Belt” to you might mean nailing your dream job, or finding the ultimate home, maybe it is transformation in health that you seek, or beginning your own business, or making a move across the world to experience the deepest desire of your heart.

This program moves you past where you are, no excuses, and cuts out the lies you are telling yourself. If you want to get unstuck and make massive shifts in your life, you have to go to the edges…and expand those edges.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities and to see if this might be the right fit for you, please schedule a time in my online Calendar HERE