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Each Journey will guide you to explore a different aspect of your Inner Wilderness.


Receiving Gifts from The Journey

This is a bonus audio and worksheet to help you to deepen your journeys by learning to receive and embody the gifts from your journey. Learn to work with, and integrate these precious vibrations to help guide you on your life path.


1. Journey of the Wilderness within

I invite you to journey with me to the Wilderness Within! Through the waves of sound we will journey venture into the vast landscape of imagination, where answers to questions arise in realms where the same rules don't exist, allowing you to taste freedom & expansiveness!
Then you will practice implementing that knowledge and vibration into your everyday life through homework given at the end of the audio.


2. Connecting with your Inner Star and Finding Your Flow

Explore your inner waters & natural flow. The water will guide you on an inner journey where we will access your flow and how that relates to your Inner Star Essence.


3. Exploring your inner gardens & Clearing the Path to your North Star

The Inner Landscape is vast. There are gardens to explore, and guides in these magical realms. We journey inward to your inner gardens, the home of your Inner Star Essence… it is a unique place for you that holds your truth, who YOU really are. The gardens support your highest growth, your sweetest destiny. It is what nourishes your essence.
It is essential to learn to grow a thriving Inner Garden as this will bring your life in the outer realms to organize, flourish and thrive based on your Inner Star Essence.


4. Exploring The Crystal Caves Within

I dreamed I was in an underground cave, with crystalline structures that encased the walls...amethyst, quartz, even crystals I had never seen before. As I examined them, I realized I was in my Inner Crystal Gardens exploring....and these crystals held wisdom, stored within their crystal structures.
Join me in this exploration! Tap into your hidden treasures and bring these gems out into this world.