A 3-Month Journey of Deep Mentoring Support! You can and you deserve to live your best life, to really LIVE!

There was a time when I was so sick with Lyme Disease, I wasn't living or expressing my life the way that I had dreamed. I felt exhausted, tired, depressed, and like something, some part of me was missing.

When I met a woman who had studied energy medicine, my whole life changed. She worked with me and my energy field. She helped me to see the greater story, the bigger picture...she helped me to bring more of myself into this world. I gained more energy, I found my happiness & health returning, and my soul began to shine.

From bedridden to hiking mountains in 5 months (after the doctors told me I would never return to the wilderness.) I then went on a journey to study, across the US and into the Mountains in Peru. 12 years later I share what I have discovered.

I am a Trail Blazer & Guide who supports.

I shine a flashlight into the darkness so you can find your way and carve a new path to your wellness and expansion.


Its important to have a solid base of people helping you if you dealing with Lyme or Tick borne illness.

#1. Have a doctor you trust, that is an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) I can offer some suggestions from own experience and the experience from others, but it must feel good to you.

#2. Have a support system: Body, Mind, & Spirit. I can help you find what you need to begin building that support.

#3. Your will need the best support for your physical body, that is food, treatments as prescribed by the LLMD, etc. I can also offer suggestions or where to begin looking.

Energy Medicine as I have learned it through the Four Winds Society and Healing the Lightbody School, is a supplemental treatment to assist you on your journey. It does not take the place of actual medicine in the physical world. We work on perspective, thoughts, emotions, and changing old patterns and stories to best support your healing path, navigating, and carving your way back to health.

Reclaim Your Shine!

  • Assistance with seeing and navigating your Health & Wellness

  • MAPPing support to help you see what way you want to go, and finding opportunities

  • Deep shifts to support all levels of your being

  • Let go of the past so you can write a new story for yourself

  • Discover what YOU want YOUR purpose to be (that’s right, its not up to anyone else)

  • Learn to follow your Yes! Yes! (also what I call your Inner Star Compass)

  • Find your Bliss & Joy, and find ways to implement them into your life right now, even if you feel YUCK at the moment

  • Remember your Power & Claim it

  • Land in your purpose and embody it

  • MAPP your Direction & Carve a new path for YOU

  • Clearly Embody Your Soul's Essence

I see L.Y.M.E.’S. as

Live Your Most Expressed Spirit

It seems that Lyme’s Disease calls people to become more authentic. To let go of what really isn’t you anymore. And brings forth the need to more fully express your true spirit.

We will meet weekly for support in mentoring and deep personal work to uncover blocks, barriers, and stagnant energy that may be stopping you from expressing your potential.

Using breath, sound, and ancient energy medicine techniques, we work to shift energy patterns, perception, and your perspective while giving you the ability to reclaim your power, and to step more fully into who you came here to be. When you remember your inner light, claim it, and embody it.. you shine! You actually glow.


Jaclyn is a Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine through the Four Winds Healing the Lightbody School. She opened her practice in Maine in 2010, and has served hundreds of clients locally, nationally, and internationally since that time both in person and at a distance. She continues to deepen her studies in Energy Medicine, Ancient Teachings, Martial Arts, Sound Healing & Thai Bodywork.


Sessions are for women only at this time.

I offer distance work by phone & occasional in-person bodywork for ongoing clients.


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