Healing Lyme, My Journey: "You have to Have Hope" How listening to others helped me to heal my Lyme. Inspiration for my "Lyme Paths TV" Interview Series.

When I first contracted Lyme, It was something that I thought was "hard to get and easy to cure." However my experience was much different. After the initial 30 days of antibiotics I was taken off treatment an assured that I was cured. But the following day my health declined, and the following week I was even more exhausted, and eventually became bed ridden with Doctor's searching for what I had, since "The Lyme had been cured." I was refused further treatment for the following 2 1/2 years while being tested for every other disease imaginable, of which I had none (fortunately!) But this led to great confusion and stress. It was in listening to other people's story where I could glean some things that could help in my healing. From suggestions on diet, to how to manage the day and stress, but most importantly it was witnessing others who had gone through a devastating run with Lyme and returned to health... this offered me hope. For a while now I wanted to pull together some of the stories of hope, healing, and how people have transformed their lives because of the Lyme Path...and here it. If you have a story of hope or transformation from your Lyme Path to share, please reach out ouillette.jaclyn@gmail.com