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"Tips to Enjoy Nature Despite Ticks"

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More than Lyme Adventures  "Through our mutual love for adventure, story telling, and the outdoors; with each adventure taken, and each story told, we grow stronger as a community and together we are more than."

Maineley Ticks "Tick Management through Education and Science"

International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS)  "We educate medical professionals about Lyme and associated diseases."


What Helped in my Recovery

Over the time I had Lyme Disease and Babesiosis and was sick in bed, my muscles atrophied. My back became severely weak and I couldn't stand or sit. As an athlete and wilderness guide, this was a nightmare. In this video I share a quick snippet of that journey.
In my recovery from Severe Neurological Lyme Disease, I tried many things. I will be sharing the actual things that really helped me. At the point where I could walk again, I would walk every morning.