Hello and welcome. Below you will find me speaking about my Personal Lyme Journey.

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Speaking at the AEE International Conference in Montreal

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Healing My Lyme

I share what inspired me in a pivotal point to keep going despite the fact that doctors told me I wouldn't recover from Lyme disease. This is a brief introduction to my Lyme Paths Interview series.

My muscles atrophied. My back became severely weak and I couldn't stand or sit. This was a nightmare. In this video I share a quick snippet of that journey.

In my recovery from Severe Neurological Lyme Disease, I tried many things. I will be sharing the actual things that really helped me. At the point where I could walk again, I would walk every morning. It was suggested to enjoy the rain. Watch more in this video.

I share the two most important aspects I found on my journey of healing Lyme. 1. Managing Stress 2. Managing Sugar in my diet.

Preventing tick bites is number one in preventing tick borne illness. But catching the symptoms early is a very high priority! The earlier you catch it, the quicker you can be treated, and the better chances for full recovery.