Speaking at the AEE International Conference in Montreal

Speaking at the Star Teachings Society's Event in Portland, Maine


On Healing My Lyme…

I share what inspired me in a pivotal point to keep going despite the fact that doctors told me I wouldn't recover from Lyme disease. This is a brief introduction to my Lyme Paths Interview series.

My muscles atrophied. My back became severely weak and I couldn't stand or sit. This was a nightmare. In this video I share a quick snippet of that journey.

In my recovery from Severe Neurological Lyme Disease, I tried many things. I will be sharing the actual things that really helped me. At the point where I could walk again, I would walk every morning. It was suggested to enjoy the rain. Watch more in this video.

I share the two most important aspects I found on my journey of healing Lyme. 1. Managing Stress 2. Managing Sugar in my diet.