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Find a quiet space & carve out at least 1 hour to dedicate to You and Your Path.


1. Download & Print your pdf MAPPs here

2. Grab a Journal & Pen

3. Hit play below or download to your device.


Enjoy this journey and I would love to hear how it goes!

Please send me pictures, Aha!s and questions!  You can email or post to my private group Women's Wisdom Circle on facebook



If You know You are ready to get clear and make major shifts in your life right away and you want to:

  • Get crystal clear on Your Unique direction

  • Get clear on your passions & purpose

  • See and Hear what Your spirit is asking for

  • See Your immediate Next Steps

  • Identify your biggest Destiny blocker

  • Take Your life and experience on this planet to the next level

  • Express yourself from the Deepest Layer of your Soul

  • Shine Your Inner Star Essence out into the world


You cab Schedule a Complimentary 'MAPP Your Way to Clarity'  Breakthrough Session with Jaclyn where you can go much, much deeper and laser focus on your unique personal journey, see any blocks, receive and clarify your higher vision, and become solid in knowing your exact next steps.


Jaclyn Ouillette

Wilderness Wisdom Guide

Hello, I’m Jaclyn Ouillette, founder of Wilderness Wisdom Journeys, a guiding company I developed to help Women connect with their purpose, authentic direction, and step into the living their dreams by accessing their Inner Star Essence and using their True Inner Self as their Guide. I am a transformational guide on this journey where your Spirit meets the Earth.

Professional Bio: Jaclyn Ouillette holds a BA in Outdoor Education with a concentration in Wilderness Leadership & Adventure Education. She worked as a Wilderness Therapy Guide, spending more than 500 nights in the field. Jaclyn spent a semester at NOLS, 88 days in the desert Southwest, she then completed the NOLS Southwest Mountain Instructor Course. Her interests also led her to study Women's Rock Climbing & Leadership with NOLS where she had the opportunity to focus on gender leadership and learning styles before becoming Certified as an Instructor and working 30-day expeditions in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. A devastating run with a severely debilitating disease, "chronic, late stage Neurological Lyme Disease" led her through unsuccessful treatments in Western Medicine to Ancient Energy medicine from the Q'ero who lived in the high mountains of Peru. She became a Full Mesa Carrier and was Certified as a Practitioner of Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society. The ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques helped her to heal what her doctors thought was impossible. After 5 devastating years, she built her strength back and studied with 3 Master Maine Guides to become registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide and to return to the wilderness in a new way. She has since deepened her studies in Ancient Teachings including Star Teachings, became Certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a black belt and Martial Arts Instructor, and Assistant Director for the College of Sho-Kai School for Training in Martial Arts.