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What is MAPPing?

MAPP stands for Mythical Answers, Practical Plan. It is a way to access another layer of perception, to see and to navigate your life. It helps to bring clarity to those places that seem unclear.

What is EarthMAPPing?

It is a way to place what is on the inside of you, to the outside, with the Earth as a reflection. Often we make decisions based on emotions. To see clearly, and to navigate from your soul’s truth and your true north, you need to see beyond just thoughts and emotions. Access your joy when you see from the mythic, and open up to the Earth speaking with you.

What Participants are Saying about MAPPing ~

Before I had intuition on a lot of things, but not all things, now I’m even more connected with what I truly like and not what I think I should be doing like having a huge house, job, work, work to send daughter through college..”
— Susan B.
The MAPPing session was so much fun with you. Thank you! It offered beautiful clarity on all grounds. The part that stuck with me most was how important it is to find your direction before taking a step to progress. So many times we want to go full steam ahead, yet have no path. Now, I see how to make a map of my intentions and where they mark my path so I can walk more intently and with a purpose
— Michelle S.
Jaclyn’s reading and retreats are amazing! Her reading is right on track and more and more are falling into place! Big hugs to Jaclyn, thank you for offering your services to us!
— Laura

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Jaclyn Ouillette graduated with a BA in Outdoor Education, concentrating in Wilderness Leadership & Adventure Education. She worked as a Wilderness Therapy Guide, spending more than 500 nights in the Wilderness. Jaclyn spent a semester at NOLS traveling 88 days in the desert Southwest, she then completed the NOLS Southwest Mountain Instructor Course. Her interests also led her to study Women's Rock Climbing & Leadership with NOLS where she had the opportunity to focus on gender leadership and learning styles before becoming Certified as an Instructor and working 30-day expeditions in the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

A devastating run with a severely debilitating disease, "chronic, late stage Neurological Lyme Disease" led her through unsuccessful treatments in Western Medicine to Ancient Energy medicine from the Q'ero who lived in the high mountains of Peru.
She became a Full Mesa Carrier and was Certified as a Practitioner of Energy Medicine & Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society. The ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques helped her to heal what her doctors said was impossible.

After 5 devastating years, she built her strength back and studied with 3 Master Maine Guides to become registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide and to return to the wilderness in a new way. She has since deepened her studies in Ancient Teachings including Star Teachings, became Certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a Black Belt and Martial Arts Instructor, and Assistant Director for the College of Sho-Kai School for Training in Martial Arts.


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