Hello, You are invited to an Intro Class and Demonstration in the Ancient Tradition of the Japanese Art of Sho-Kai. You are invited to join us in the Temple (Outdoors at Back Cove Obstacle Course, the Earth is our Temple and place of practice) to participate or observe this practice and teachings.

Rain, shine or snow, we embrace the elements as part of the teachings.

There are physical elements, conditioning and techniques that can be used in real situations, as well as spiritual elements with ancient breathing techniques and meditation that work with your energy field.

If you are interested we encourage you to attend and find out more.

It would be an honor to share this practice with you.



  • This class is open to Women ages 12 and up.
  • We welcome beginners and those who are new to Martial Arts.
  • You do not need to be a super athlete to join or to gain a benefit from this practice, although there is jogging, pushups, and physical exercise as part of this practice.


*Free Intro Class Wednesday September 12 from 6-8pm
13 Week Series Starting Wednesday September 19-December 19 (Oct. 31 no class)


Meet at the Back Cove Obstacle Course, meet at the wooden rope ladder



$225 Full 13 Week Series, or $20 per single class (drop ins welcome)


Join Master David Sanipass, lead instructor, Sensei Master Dave Reese, and Sensei Jaclyn Ouillette assistant instructors in the ancient martial art of Sho-Kai. (The Energy of Water)

For more info or questions:
Contact Jaclyn Ouillette ouillette.jaclyn@gmail.com or 207-319-4116
or Dave Reese 207-415-8442


More info on our Facebook page