Jaclyn Practicing the Martial Art of Sho-Kai, "The energy of water"

Jaclyn Practicing the Martial Art of Sho-Kai, "The energy of water"

On Wilderness, Lyme Disease, and Healing the Spirit, as Lived and Experienced by Jaclyn Ouillette

This is Jaclyn,

There's a fierceness about her. Something that is unparalleled to that of the obstacles she has had to face, doubts that have been overcome, and way she moves from one adventure to the next, whether it be climbing a mountain (quite literally) or when facing the devastating loss of Lyme Disease.

Going from "bagging peaks and crushing climbs,"drinking coffee in the crisp air of the French Alps, and cultivating a meditation practice between mountain tops, Jaclyn was in a position where hardening and becoming resistant to the change she was all of a sudden thrown into would have been easy. Would have felt like a way out. 

But she didn't go down that road, but instead, taking those moments, that time spent doing the things she loved in the places that filled her up, and used it as every reason to keep going. 

There she was, face to face with a life unrecognizable to that of her own. 

There she was, seemingly thousands of miles from where she once was. 

There she was, looking inward just as much as we was out, bringing her closer to a world much richer, more fulfilling, and colorful than she ever could have imagined. 

and This is her story.

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