“Trailblazers in the New Paradigm”

This space is to cultivate and nurture the Trailblazers who are Carving a New Path to the Stars!


Welcome to BaseCamp!

Get settled and take a look around. Below you will find Journeys where you can begin to get clear, grounded, and start visioning. This is a membership-only camp site. This is where we will be able to connect, journey, explore, and learn together. I’ll post Journeys exclusively for members here, and you will be the first to know about classes, retreats, and any other information or offerings.

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  1. Begin Your Journey Here ~

    1. Start by Uncovering Your Inner Star Essence

The biggest and most important aspect for Navigating and Trailblazing is having a clear, strong connection to your Inner Star Essence. That is your Compass and should be your guiding star. Listen to this audio to create a deeper connection with your Inner Star Essence!

Uncover Your Inner Star Essence.png

2. Next MAPP Out Your Journey Ahead

Get Clear on where you are and where you want to go. Listen to this guided Audio and print (or draw) the MAPPS to help you see the bigger picture and what might be standing in your way.

3. Take the Journey of the Vision Tree

The Get super Grounded, Activate Your Inner Core Essence, and Receive a Vision for your Future. You will need to enter password “roots” to access the full journey.

4. Navigating the BASECAMP Teachings

Once you have a solid Base and a Vision for your Direction, then you can explore the teachings and guided journeys below. They each go in order from 1-13 and are meant to be taken once per month. You may go at your own pace.

5. Check out the Message Board for Important Information and Updates


6. Join the Community: Live Events

Live events with Member Pricing will be listed here! The New Moon Circle Live Events are included in Your membership!

Click the image below and enter Password Code: BASECAMP to view the event and RSVP with your free ticket. This helps me in planning for attendance at the event since it is open to the public as well. The cost for non-members is $35.

Join the Community: Video Chat

More info coming soon!

Any issues? You can ask questions or RSVP to Jaclyn@JaclynAOuillette.com

I look forward to seeing you!

7. Add Personal Sessions & Soul Coaching for Extra Support and Guidance

Personal Programs priced exclusively for the Trailblazers in this community.

Keep Checking Back, I’ll be adding more soon!