This journey is set up to support you to Confidently Blaze a Trail starting where you are, Guiding you to Living Your highest Destiny!

BASECAMP is a Members-Only Online central meeting place where content, guided journeys, and community resides. We gather at BASECAMP for community both online and offline events, and take journeys out on our own, always returning back to BASECAMP.


The teachings and content are set up to guide you step-by-step on a journey with tips and strategies to help you navigate your life and new path with joy and confidence from your inner core essence.

Month by Month Breakdown

  1. Set your Clear Intention & Set your Direction to your True North

    Clarify, embody, & hold your intention for the transformational journey. What is an intention? How do you set your True North?

  2. Access Your Inner Star Essence. We will focus around the importance of navigating life and creating from this truth, recognizing when you are in and out of alignment with your True North.

  3. Vision & imagination practices. Expand Journey Skills.

    Find your North Star (Your Destiny Star/Passion/Purpose/Direction) and learn techniques that enhance or add to the journey experience.

  4. Clearing (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual)

    Breathing, Grounding, and other Techniques & Practices for Clarity

  5. Orienting

    Where are you? Where do you want to go? Let’s get acquainted with your Inner & Outer Wilderness

  6. Navigating & Decision Making

    The new way of being on the planet brings change in how you navigate. We will cover many layers of making decisions to support your inner core essence.

  7. MAPP Out your Path

    Put whats on the inside to the outside. Exploring the Mythical layer and perspectives.

  8. Prepare

    Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual preparations for a transformational journey.

  9. Attune

    Tuning in to where you want to go, techniques to embodying new frequencies.

  10. Source

    Where does your energy come from? How do you receive information? Connecting with who you want to become, your future self.

  11. Step in

    Step into the new place of being, into your sweetest, highest destiny.

  12. Explore the New Way of Being. Live it in all aspects of life.

  13. Share & Express Your Inner Core Essence, Your Inner Star Essence

In addition to the 13 Teachings, there are also 13 Guided Audio Journeys to bring you deeper into your core essence, to explore the vastness of your inner wilderness, and to bring more of your star essence to your everyday life.

“BASECAMP- It’s kinda like the outdoor kitchen on the retreats, the place where everyone comes for nourishment, to warm their hands by the fire, or to relax with a “hot drink.” We gather at the kitchen for more than food. We gather to connect with others in the community, to find out the plans for the day, and to share our unique journeys and experiences.”

Ongoing immersion into these teachings is the best way to really experience them. This gives you the opportunity to learn, practice, integrate, and receive feedback each week throughout the month over a whole year alongside the support of others on the path. Join when you can, and take the journey at your own pace, from wherever you are in the world. In addition to the 13 Teachings


Can I do this from home?

Yes. You can take this journey from anywhere you have access to wifi. There are also audios and pdf’s that you can download to your computer or device and listen to later if you choose. There are video teaching modules, and live video chats to connect with the community.

Is this journey based outdoors?

Not exactly. You can be outdoors or indoors with the lesson (anywhere your phone can travel really.) I use nature and wilderness travel as a metaphor, symbols, and reflections throughout my work. I believe the natural world is something we can relate to. There will be “homework” assignments that will guide you to connect with the outdoors.

Do I need to commit to the whole year?

No. Although I recommend a year so you can really dig deep and experience a real, lasting transformation, the year commitment is not a requirement, but a suggestion based on working with people from around the world since 2009 on this journey. During the trial period you can commit to one month, or 3 months to try it out. You will have access to everything on the membership site, but of you decide it doesn’t resonate, you can cancel at anytime.

It has been shown that with consistency and support, You are more likely & able to attain Your dreams And goals!

Questions? Please reach out Jaclyn@JaclynAOuillette.com

or set up a time to connect in my online calendar below:

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BASECAMP Membership is a good fit for you if:

  • You are Ready to Blaze a New Trail in 2019!

  • You are finally ready to get out of the stagnant swamps and head for the stars

  • You want to commit to making the changes to live a better, more fulfilled, happier life!

  • You want to create your life based on who you are becoming, rather than who you were in the past.

  • You want accountability and support to assist you to really make those changes that will take you to the stars.

  • You are craving community reflection and support

  • You want access to an ongoing transformational journey,

  • You are Ready to Dive in to ancient teachings and techniques

  • You want to work with me, have more access and interaction, or have a taste of my work before jumping into my retreats or other programs.

Immediate Benefits:

  • "MAPP Your Way to Clarity" audio and worksheets guided journey.

  • Homestudy "Journey of the Vision Tree"  Course ($197)

  • The First Module on Setting Intentions (Modules added monthly)

  • Access to me via email and members only community space

  • and access to members only pricing for services and events!


The journey is set up for the year, and will have ongoing new content added each month. There will also be space for video chat where we can connect as community.

Right now with the trial version:

  • you can join month to month to “Test the Waters”

  • “Jump In” for 3 months

  • or save by committing to an entire year for yourself and “Go For It!”

When the trial is over and we launch the regular site, the prices and options will be changing. If you sign up for the trial and continue, you can keep the trial prices as long as you stay a member.

Clear YOUR Path, and finally not only stand in your truth, but walk it, breathe it, and live it. Our goal here is happiness, community, support, and for you to manifest that life you dream of!


  • Access to new and past Videos, Audio Downloads, and Printable Worksheets designed specifically to guide you on a deep transformational Journey

  • Free Access to Live Journey Circles/Gatherings as they happen throughout the year

  • Receive a Journey Audio Recording each month so you can listen over and over to gain more insight.

  • Access to Personal Sessions & my Other Offerings at Member Rates

  • Be the first to know about everything happening in this community

  • Be the first to be invited to my Retreats (with member only rates)

  • Join a Supportive Community working together to lift each other up to your greatest potentials

  • Other gifts and surprises to spark your Wild Spirit!

You will have access to these journeys and programs:

The first module "Intentions" is up, and perfect as we get ready to move into the new year!

The journey is set up for the year, and will have ongoing new content for each month.

Below are the special trial-only prices. If you join at these levels, they will remain as long as you stay, even when we upgrade to the full site!

At the moment you can join month to month to “Test the Waters” for $17 - billed every month.

“Jump In” $47 - billed every 3 months

Or save by committing to an entire year for yourself and “Go For It!” - $175

Enter the one-time Coupon Code “readytoexplore” to receive 17% off

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Please reach out to me with any questions: Jaclyn@JaclynAOuillette.com