New Moon Journey Audio and Worksheets are up!

Hello everyone,

It has been quite busy here. We had a great in-person gathering with a sound journey to venture into the inner gardens. We also had a webinar journey that was awesome, and I introduced the upcoming retreat as well. Just click on the arrow below to watch the replay.

For more info about the “Journey of the Vision Tree” Day Retreat CLICK HERE

On another note I have just uploaded a guided journey that goes super deep into your inner gardens and clears a path to your inner essence. Receive gifts along the way ~ Also there are a few worksheets that you can print out if you would like to draw, doodle, or write to capture the energy and the essence of your journey. Click the button below and enjoy ~

I’m heading to London in just a bit, but I will try to keep this updated. I am researching ways to connect live so we can have a group chat.

Always feel free to reach out with questions, I am here for you to support you on this journey.

Bee well until then,