Orienting Practices and Journey


How is your orienting going?

If you haven’t checked out these journeys and teachings, be sure to go the the BASECAMP Membership dashboard to listen and watch the videos!

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And as always please reach out with any questions!

I wanted to also update you that I have decided to cancel the retreat for June 8. I didn’t have the minimum signed up by April 30. This is the first time in ten years that I don’t have a retreat on my schedule. It is bitter sweet.

I am considering what to do with the in-person gatherings. We have had very low numbers attending from this BASECAMP group and from the public. It varies so much from 1 person to 12! So May 5, this Sunday, is the last in-person gathering I have planned. It is me and my husband with crystal bowls and native American flute. You are all welcome to join, for you it is free.

I have been enjoying the Soul Shine Series! So if you are interested in personal coaching, there will be a few spots opening up soon.

Bee well,