Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

This past November I traveled to Montreal to participate in the Association for Experiential Education's ActivatEE presentations at the AEE International Conference. This was a journey for me to get here. My struggle for health and subsequent journey through life has drastically changed the way I experience my current life and my surroundings.

Taking Care of Self is NOT Selfish

Taking Care of Self is NOT Selfish

It is the Autumnal Equinox here in Maine and the leaves are starting to turn to brighter colors. As the nights begin to get cooler, the day and night time are equalized, and the trees begin to go inward preparing for the winter ahead. It is a good time take a look at how we are in our lives. Have we become too busy to take care of ourselves? Do we need to slow down and re-evaluate our lifestyles for the changing seasons?

Why "Mending Your Roots" is so Important for your Future Self

Why "Mending Your Roots" is so Important for your Future Self

Why is Mending our Roots so Important to our Future Self? Explore the main roots that help you to hold a strong foundation..and from this a solid base to hold who you are becoming in the future.  

Accessing the Wild! An invitation to Journey to the New Mexico Wilderness ~

Accessing the Wild! An invitation to Journey to the New Mexico Wilderness ~

To Access Wild places in Nature allows us the time and space to connect with the unique Wild that resides inside each of us. As we begin to strip away the everyday noises and clutter of modern life and enter into the unknown, and into the wilderness..our senses sharpen..and our listening deepens.

A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

We have just returned from the "Retreat Gathering of Women & Wilderness Wisdom on the Island."

This was an incredible journey! A group of amazing women gathered and canoed to the Ancient Island in Monmouth, Maine. Navigating the fresh waters beneath an interestingly clouded but sunny sky and into the wind. We landed on the south end in the sand and walked to the north end of the 14 acre island where we would camp and explore ourselves and our direction.


I shared my process of transformation as we we walked through the 7 steps of the

"Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S."

We cleared and made way for our journey. We created space inside our energy bubble to be absolutely clear in hearing our own voice and offered to the fire the blocks and things holding us back.

We opened our bodies and oriented ourselves to exactly where we are so we could begin from that place. Without knowing where you are on a map, it is really hard to figure out how to get to where you want to go!

We mapped out where we are by a process I like to use that I refer to as "Earth Mapping." It is a mythic map created with items that call to us from the earth. We create a container on the earth, a sacred space to see ourselves as reflected by the earth and to be held in a sweet and real way. This takes what is going on inside of us, inside our minds and bodies and puts them on the outside where we can see them, understand their messages and work with them.

We prepared our physical bodies for a vibrational transformation with my crystal singing bowls and a guided journey.

We attuned to the stars around the fire and beneath the starry night sky. The Star Keeper's Rites were gifted. This is an initiation that connects you with your future self and destiny star. It assists in changing the momentum of where you are currently headed based on past decisions and opens up the possibilities for new destiny lines.

We journeyed to our home star and connected deeply...strengthening the channel and the fibers between our inner star and destiny star so that we can source from that place in our lives right now, in every decision. So that who we want to be is informing our decisions and guiding us to that place.


Then we were asked to Step Into that becoming. To Step Into that transformation. We continued working with the "Earth Mapping" through this process to help us to see where we were, where we want to go, and the journey into that place of the sweetest destiny.

This journey was soooo beautiful to watch unfold. Each woman approached the fire, and the fire responded differently. For some it was sweet and gentle, for some a great intensity, for some sharper flames, and some soft. A metaphor of how they interacted with this process and the energy guiding the weekend. A metaphor of the interactions with our own Inner Star Fire. A reminder that each of us have our own journey and experience...and in group we support each other in many ways. The ceremony is the act of participating in our own life and asking for what we want. To participate and interact with creation in an intentional way.

The circle of women, coming in as individuals, quickly became a very supportive community. Sharing stories, experiences, and wisdom.... We cooked over the open fire and shared meals together.. There were jokes, laughs, and concerns.. over this whole process and journey through the wild, we grew closer to ourselves and to each other.


My favorite part is to watch as each woman lit up with spiritual messages heard and discovered within their Earth Mappings, or messages received through the birds and see each one of the women light up with the joy of a new understanding... to share our spiritual journeys, both the clarity and also the confusion. The sharing of dreams, and symbolism. To see each connect more deeply with their Inner Star COMPASS...To hear how spirit is translated through each one of these women was, to me, a very, very sweet gift.

Always humbled by these experiences, It is a great journey we are on. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions below!

I look forward to seeing you on the next journey,

Jaclyn A. Ouillette



The Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Are You Navigating Life Guided by your Own Light?

How are you Navigating your life? From the Inside Out or from the Outside In?

When we are born into this world we have an inner star that guides us on our journey. We know who we are, what we want to experience, and our direction back home. But as we go about living our lives we have many experiences. Our parents, grandparents, family, friends, and teachers help to guide us. As we grow sometimes that inner star gets gets clouded by the outside world and what people want for us. Over time we can lose our connection with that guiding star within.


The world around us is the past. it is all the things we have asked for, it is a map of our mind. If we lose track of that inner star then what we are living by is generated by what society thinks and sees for us. We are living on a map that is created by the outside influences.

When we find ourselves unhappy with our jobs, relationships, living situations, and when we find ourselves to be stuck, stressed, and unfulfilled it is time to stop and listen...and take a look.


Most of the time we just need to dust off that Inner Star Compass, Unroll the Map we came here with, Shine up the Magnifiers we are looking through, Set Our Sights to our Destiny Star and get back on that path towards our happiness.

The COMPASS will help guide us~







Step In

Clear our energy. To become clear in seeing exactly where we are in our lives and on our path. We can use breathing techniques to stoke the inner fire to combust the extra energies floating around in our luminous energy field and our bodies. The extra stuff clouds our vision and makes it hard to see for ourselves. We can stand barefoot on the earth to physically ground out the extra energy. Do you ever feel overloaded? Can't separate your thoughts from someone else? Clearing is a good place to start. We need You, and just You to begin with.

Orient...We need to open our soul maps and orient ourselves to see exactly where we are. The ego tries to trick us every time and convince us that we are somewhere else to avoid being seen and to avoid change. Orient yourself to who you are, where you are, and where you really want to go. This is where we begin to see the bridge of transformation between the two mountains of where you actually are, and where you really want to be.

Map. We have a map that we are currently living on. This map often times has been created by the outside world. It is created by society...When we live on a map that someone else has created we can easily become lost, confused, and unhappy. Society often builds maps such as: "you need to graduate high school then go to college to get a good job so you can buy a big nice house and car and have a family." But chances are your map looks really different! This is where we begin to see the bridge of transformation between the two mountains of where you actually are, and where you really want to be. We can then see the journey in between to bridge the gap, we can see the direction of travel.

Prepare. We are about to go on a journey. A quest. A transformation. We know where we are and where we want to go. Things are going to change, how can we best prepare for the change, and to continue holding it beyond the retreat? How do you prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

Attune. We attune ourselves to the earth, the universe, and our destiny star. All is vibration and so we are attuning ourselves to specific energies and pathways. We let go of the lower densities in our fields and our bodies, and now we connect with our destiny star. We connect to the vibration through receiving the rites and initiations of the Star Keeper's. This connects you to your future self, to who you want to become. To the remembrance of your true nature and who you really are. It strengthens the pathway so you can create your life based on who you want to become.

Source. You connect with your Inner Star Compass and Your Destiny Star. You connect to your future self so you can source information and direction from that place. These are magnetic to each other and help to guide you in your life. You are your own navigator, so you choose where you want to go. You connect with your places of power, your support, your guides, and the channels for which your information comes. We work to help you to recognize and to tap directly into source energy and to those places that nourish and feed you. You no longer need to go to others, you are connected directly to source.

Step in. With all of the work of letting go, and Igniting that Inner Star ignite that inner flame and tend to it, growing it stronger, building the heat and the is within you, it is you, now you step into your life holding that. Step into the more authentic You.

And now you live guided by your own light. As you walk your path, there may be obstacles in the way, bumpy roads, but if you keep clearing and orienting and mapping and attuning, and sourcing, and stepping in, you will continue to grow on your path and grow in your light.

And of course Enjoy!

How do you Navigate with your Light? What is your Compass?

Share your ideas and comments below.

For assistance working with your Inner Star Compass ☼ please contact Jaclyn



Women's Wilderness Wisdom Spring Retreat & The Inner Star C.o.m.p.a.s.s.

Soooo excited for the Women's Spring Retreat coming up the first weekend in June! A time for women to gather, to canoe together and to stay on an island on a lake in Maine where we cook our meals over the open fire. We focus on connecting to our own truth, our own light, and nurturing and nourishing that inner star in a small setting with supportive women.

When we ignore our inner light, our inner navigation system, we can become confused, lost and even sick. When we don't connect, or see our inner truth, it is magnified on the outside through tough relationships, unsatisfying work, and overwhelm in most living situations. On the Island Retreats, we work to see where we really are, where we want to go, and move through the obstacles in between using the Earth as a way to map out our journey.

I utilize a system that was shown to me in my own process of healing and navigating and a process in which I have worked with hundreds of other women. This was shown to me in an acronym as we worked to find our Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S.

I'll be sharing more about the Inner Star Compass soon, in the meantime please enjoy these photos of some of the moments from our past Women's Wilderness Wisdom Journeys.


The Water Keeper's Library

This week I was blessed to be invited to play my crystal singing bowls in Boston by Artist Faith Johnson to participate in the opening reception of Aether.

During the opening, Faith Johnson Guided us on an amazing journey through her interactive installation "The Water Keeper's Library" to activate the memory of water and experience an exploration of the water libraries that were gathered from around the world.. we connected with drops of water from different samples and ventured through our imagination guided by the story she told, that led us from earth to the very outer reaches of the cosmos and the beginning of water in its elemental form to the wisdom and memory that the water held. I was invited to play my crystal singing bowls along with this journey. We placed local water from Jamaica Pond inside the bowls while we played.... what an honor to participate in this amazing mind expanding and soul deepening experience! You can read more about Faith's ongoing water project "The Water Museum" here

Jaclyn's Crystal Bowls set up at the "Water Keeper's Library".. ready for the journey!

Jaclyn's Crystal Bowls set up at the "Water Keeper's Library".. ready for the journey!

"Aether combines the cross-disciplinary works of five artists: interactive installation and performance artist, educator and community artist Faith Johnson; multimedia and performing artist, educator and organizer, Maria Molteni; performance, film, and interdisciplinary artist Sue Murad; mixed media artist and children’s librarian Meaghan Schwelm and composer and sound artist Amber Vistein. Each artist navigates one of the elements—water, earth, fire, or air—connecting conceptually through a fifth element aether that contains them all. This fifth classical element is said to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. It was considered in the 19th century to permeate all space, providing a medium through which light could travel. Aether is the quintessence, or poetic/spiritual confluence, where all the elements connect, arching between the physical/material world and the world of the ethereal. "

For more info on this show Click Here

Hiking to play my Crystal Singing Bowls in the Desert

I just returned from Tucson, Arizona from the Gem Show where I first purchased my singing bowls 7 years ago! I can't believe it has been that long. I connect with these bowls, carrying them up hills, over mountains, and to the beaches...I play them beside the lakes and from Maine to North Carolina, Utah, to Arizona. I use them as tools to help me to find resonance with my body, mind, spirit, and world around me.

Hiking just outside of Tucson, Arizona to play my bowls

Hiking just outside of Tucson, Arizona to play my bowls

The Crystal Bowls for me are a way to tap into the universe and new experiences through exploring imagination & journey through traveling with sound vibration. I invite you to journey with me this New Moon! We will be in one of my favorite cozy spaces in Falmouth, Maine, Meadow Wind. Many have shared they experience deep and clear journeys and feel a vibrational shift during these guided sessions.

This is a gathering to celebrate the new moon with a guided journey accompanied by my crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramid, and other sound. We try to gather once per month on or near the new moon to deepen our practice and further our imagination. The new moon is a perfect time to look deep within, to plant the seeds of your dreams, and to find guidance to grow your dreams on earth.

We will journey and then learn ways to embody the vibration and implement the messages, by sharing this in community it helps us to pull the pieces together and to dream bigger. Our collective imagination is much bigger than just ours alone.

Each month has different teachings and are for everyone who wishes to join.
All abilities and experience levels are welcome, This is open to everyone.

There will be a basket for offerings. Suggested Donation of $10-20

This helps with supplies, rental of spaces, website fees, and toward the livelihood and continued education of the teachers and guides...also sadly one of my bowls has broken and I am working towards replacing it. I will be holding many more crystal singing bowl journeys to help me raise enough to purchase the 3rd bowl in my set again, which was $1100 when I bought it 7 years ago!

New Moon Journey Circle, Imagination, Dream, & Guided Journey

February 26, 2017

6-7:30 pm

Meadow Wind Institute

100 Gray Road, West Falmouth, Maine

Contact Jaclyn for questions or for more info

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