The Return from the "Journey of the Vision Tree" Women's Weekend Retreat

We have returned from an amazing journey on this years Women's Wilderness Wisdom Journeys Spring, Weekend Retreat. These women had been preparing for weeks, and some for months before we gathered.

I've created a quick video to share that captures some of the essence of this retreat and this group. Many photos were taken by Louanne Schoninger, we were greatful to have her join teh retreat and capture some special moments. Please enjoy the video.

We gathered off grid, which was so nice! No phone, no electricity, no running water. We came together to live simply and to focus on ROOTS, CORE, & CROWN. Each had their own experiences as we journeyed from the earth up to the crown to receive a greater vision.

We processed alot! Knowing when to take time for yourself is important. Maybe you feel like you should be helping, but you need that time to process, to reflect, and to ground more fully. Maybe you need space to see more clearly. I offered my perspective and encouraged each women to take the time they needed. The retreat was designed so that participation is up to you.

This retreat was held at my long time teacher and mentor's property, at the Teaching Lodge in Canaan, Maine. Ray Reitze, or Old Turtle taught me a long time ago about inner peace and peace of mind. He taught me about being OK with myself. I learned this just by being in his presence, and not being expected to do anything...even talk. This was one of the greatest gifts I have received however it took me a while to get there! I wanted to bring this to the retreat and I reminded each, "You have permission to be yourself. I am not expecting you to do anything."

I have woven into my retreats all of the teachings that I have sifted from all of my teachers, and my experiences with all of these teachings.

"May you allow yourself to be who you are, to rest when you need, and to enjoy this world in your own way. May you feel free to express your inner light, and allow yourself to receive the greatest vision you can step into...and may you step in with confidence and curiosity!"

If you would like to take  "Journey of the Vision Tree" I have created an audio journey that you can listen to on your device from home or in your neck of the woods, you can find that by clicking the image below.

Blessings on your journey,

Jaclyn A. Ouillette

You can explore my two most influential teachers by using the links below.

Map Your Way To Clarity, Clear the Path to Your North Star from Where ever You Are

Being Clear is the one thing that will guide you courageously into new waters!

One of the major setbacks that I run into over and over is non-clarity which often hides under the surface of our everyday life and decisions.

When you are on a spiritual path, it is important to make clear decisions, yes or no, one or the other... not maybe. Sometimes we trick ourselves by saying we want one thing, write it down, ask for it...but in our words when we are speaking to others, and quietly in our thoughts, there is still an alternative.

"If this doesn't work out then I will do this."

"I want this and I've prayed for it so I know what I want, but maybe I should do this instead."

When you send a maybe out into the universe (consciously or unconsciously) it brings back even more confusion, because that is what you are asking for.

Often I hear people wait and wait for spirit to give them the answer, to give them the direction they are "supposed" to go in...but spirit is just there waiting for YOU to decide, so they can support you on your journey. Every journey begins with one step!

If you are looking to find clarity on your direction and purpose I invite you on this next journey, it is a free audio with MAPPing worksheets to help you get super clear!

Enjoy this Free Journey

Enjoy Your MAPPing journey! and please share in the comments below your insights!

Uncover Your Inner Star Essence, Access Your Brilliance, & Create from the Brightest Center of your Being


I recently guided a Virtual Journey to guide you to Access Your Inner Star Essence. I have been finding that many people I talk with have a knowing that they have this inner knowledge, inner light, and connection with the universe however they find themselves feeling blocked, lacking the luster and shine somewhere in their lives.

Having and cultivating a relationship with your Inner Star Essence is essential to living and creating your life from the brilliance of who you are. We are entering into a new paradigm right now, where you create from the center of your being rather than looking to the outside to match what you have on the inside. As people wake up to this greater part of their being, the world changes.

You can listen in to the teachings and the journey here ~

Listen in Here

And share insights, twinklings of your star essence, and your inner light in the comments below. I look forward to seeing you in the stars ~

A Virtual Journey, 3 Wilderness Widom Video Teachings to Access your Inner Star Compass

Below find a Virtual Journey of teachings and guided journeys...3 steps in accessing your Inner Star Compass.

Step One: Getting Grounded

Enjoy this Video Journey with the Wisdom of the Ancient Tree

Step 2: Getting Clear

I invite you to step into the river with me on this Video Journey to cleanse with the water.

Step 3: Finding Stillness

Come on a journey with me to the Wisdom of the Mountain.

Please feel free to share your questions, aha's or experiences in the comments below.

Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

This past November I traveled to Montreal to participate in the Association for Experiential Education's ActivatEE presentations at the AEE International Conference. This was a journey for me to get here. My struggle for health and subsequent journey through life has drastically changed the way I experience my current life and my surroundings.

Taking Care of Self is NOT Selfish

Taking Care of Self is NOT Selfish

It is the Autumnal Equinox here in Maine and the leaves are starting to turn to brighter colors. As the nights begin to get cooler, the day and night time are equalized, and the trees begin to go inward preparing for the winter ahead. It is a good time take a look at how we are in our lives. Have we become too busy to take care of ourselves? Do we need to slow down and re-evaluate our lifestyles for the changing seasons?

Why "Mending Your Roots" is so Important for your Future Self

Why "Mending Your Roots" is so Important for your Future Self

Why is Mending our Roots so Important to our Future Self? Explore the main roots that help you to hold a strong foundation..and from this a solid base to hold who you are becoming in the future.  

Accessing the Wild! An invitation to Journey to the New Mexico Wilderness ~

Accessing the Wild! An invitation to Journey to the New Mexico Wilderness ~

To Access Wild places in Nature allows us the time and space to connect with the unique Wild that resides inside each of us. As we begin to strip away the everyday noises and clutter of modern life and enter into the unknown, and into the wilderness..our senses sharpen..and our listening deepens.

A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

An amazing Women's Weekend Summer Retreat spent focusing on our Inner Star Compass and the journey of accessing our inner Star Fire!