Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations..To Hear them but also to See them

I have been amazed with the sound vibrations that I can hear and feel from my crystal singing bowls. Ever since I got them 7 years ago, I have been trying new ways to enhance the experience and to share what I hear, feel, and see about the vibrations all around us in the world. 

Many years agao I became interested in cymatics and have looked at many images of how resonant sounds create these patterns in sand or water.

From this, i began to put water in my bowls and watch as the walls of the bowl, vibrating so subtly affect the water in the bowl...and then I began to explore with my bowls outdoors in nature and when my bowls are in the still water, they vibrate the water around them.


Imagine now as our bodies are comprised of so much water, how that affects our bodies when we come into contact with these sounds.