Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

This past November I traveled to Montreal to participate in the Association for Experiential Education's ActivatEE presentations at the AEE International Conference. This was a journey for me to get here. My struggle for health and subsequent journey through life has drastically changed the way I experience my current life and my surroundings.

When I was in school I struggled with public speaking. Even a 7-minute presentation in front of the class would have me sweating, shaking, and stumbling over my words. After the Lyme Disease had affected my brain and my ability to speak, I was even more discouraged with communication. I was in Occupational and Speech Therapy for about 2 1/2 years. And then in 2012, I was asked to speak at an event at Maine College of Art for the Star Teachings Society. I was so nervous, but agreed to do it. I was told my story was important to hear. One of the teachers reminded me that I didn't need speech therapy anymore, that I could get up and do this. And with her encouragement I did. I believe we can overcome challenges, and it sure does help when others point out your light, and your strengths.

I remembered that experience as I was preparing for the event in Montreal. Now I can share about what my experience was, where my journey led me, and who this journey led me to. I was blessed to have an amazing coach who worked with me weekly to put this journey into a story to share and who encouraged me to get up on that stage to speak. Even while I was shaking up there, to look down and see a row of supporters in a sea of listeners, was so helpful and encouraging.

I'm grateful for every breath and every step along this journey. Thank you to all who helped and encouraged me to keep going, you are angels on my path.