The Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Are You Navigating Life Guided by your Own Light?

How are you Navigating your life? From the Inside Out or from the Outside In?

When we are born into this world we have an inner star that guides us on our journey. We know who we are, what we want to experience, and our direction back home. But as we go about living our lives we have many experiences. Our parents, grandparents, family, friends, and teachers help to guide us. As we grow sometimes that inner star gets gets clouded by the outside world and what people want for us. Over time we can lose our connection with that guiding star within.


The world around us is the past. it is all the things we have asked for, it is a map of our mind. If we lose track of that inner star then what we are living by is generated by what society thinks and sees for us. We are living on a map that is created by the outside influences.

When we find ourselves unhappy with our jobs, relationships, living situations, and when we find ourselves to be stuck, stressed, and unfulfilled it is time to stop and listen...and take a look.


Most of the time we just need to dust off that Inner Star Compass, Unroll the Map we came here with, Shine up the Magnifiers we are looking through, Set Our Sights to our Destiny Star and get back on that path towards our happiness.

The COMPASS will help guide us~







Step In

Clear our energy. To become clear in seeing exactly where we are in our lives and on our path. We can use breathing techniques to stoke the inner fire to combust the extra energies floating around in our luminous energy field and our bodies. The extra stuff clouds our vision and makes it hard to see for ourselves. We can stand barefoot on the earth to physically ground out the extra energy. Do you ever feel overloaded? Can't separate your thoughts from someone else? Clearing is a good place to start. We need You, and just You to begin with.

Orient...We need to open our soul maps and orient ourselves to see exactly where we are. The ego tries to trick us every time and convince us that we are somewhere else to avoid being seen and to avoid change. Orient yourself to who you are, where you are, and where you really want to go. This is where we begin to see the bridge of transformation between the two mountains of where you actually are, and where you really want to be.

Map. We have a map that we are currently living on. This map often times has been created by the outside world. It is created by society...When we live on a map that someone else has created we can easily become lost, confused, and unhappy. Society often builds maps such as: "you need to graduate high school then go to college to get a good job so you can buy a big nice house and car and have a family." But chances are your map looks really different! This is where we begin to see the bridge of transformation between the two mountains of where you actually are, and where you really want to be. We can then see the journey in between to bridge the gap, we can see the direction of travel.

Prepare. We are about to go on a journey. A quest. A transformation. We know where we are and where we want to go. Things are going to change, how can we best prepare for the change, and to continue holding it beyond the retreat? How do you prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

Attune. We attune ourselves to the earth, the universe, and our destiny star. All is vibration and so we are attuning ourselves to specific energies and pathways. We let go of the lower densities in our fields and our bodies, and now we connect with our destiny star. We connect to the vibration through receiving the rites and initiations of the Star Keeper's. This connects you to your future self, to who you want to become. To the remembrance of your true nature and who you really are. It strengthens the pathway so you can create your life based on who you want to become.

Source. You connect with your Inner Star Compass and Your Destiny Star. You connect to your future self so you can source information and direction from that place. These are magnetic to each other and help to guide you in your life. You are your own navigator, so you choose where you want to go. You connect with your places of power, your support, your guides, and the channels for which your information comes. We work to help you to recognize and to tap directly into source energy and to those places that nourish and feed you. You no longer need to go to others, you are connected directly to source.

Step in. With all of the work of letting go, and Igniting that Inner Star ignite that inner flame and tend to it, growing it stronger, building the heat and the is within you, it is you, now you step into your life holding that. Step into the more authentic You.

And now you live guided by your own light. As you walk your path, there may be obstacles in the way, bumpy roads, but if you keep clearing and orienting and mapping and attuning, and sourcing, and stepping in, you will continue to grow on your path and grow in your light.

And of course Enjoy!

How do you Navigate with your Light? What is your Compass?

Share your ideas and comments below.

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