A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

We have just returned from the "Retreat Gathering of Women & Wilderness Wisdom on the Island."

This was an incredible journey! A group of amazing women gathered and canoed to the Ancient Island in Monmouth, Maine. Navigating the fresh waters beneath an interestingly clouded but sunny sky and into the wind. We landed on the south end in the sand and walked to the north end of the 14 acre island where we would camp and explore ourselves and our direction.


I shared my process of transformation as we we walked through the 7 steps of the

"Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S."

We cleared and made way for our journey. We created space inside our energy bubble to be absolutely clear in hearing our own voice and offered to the fire the blocks and things holding us back.

We opened our bodies and oriented ourselves to exactly where we are so we could begin from that place. Without knowing where you are on a map, it is really hard to figure out how to get to where you want to go!

We mapped out where we are by a process I like to use that I refer to as "Earth Mapping." It is a mythic map created with items that call to us from the earth. We create a container on the earth, a sacred space to see ourselves as reflected by the earth and to be held in a sweet and real way. This takes what is going on inside of us, inside our minds and bodies and puts them on the outside where we can see them, understand their messages and work with them.

We prepared our physical bodies for a vibrational transformation with my crystal singing bowls and a guided journey.

We attuned to the stars around the fire and beneath the starry night sky. The Star Keeper's Rites were gifted. This is an initiation that connects you with your future self and destiny star. It assists in changing the momentum of where you are currently headed based on past decisions and opens up the possibilities for new destiny lines.

We journeyed to our home star and connected deeply...strengthening the channel and the fibers between our inner star and destiny star so that we can source from that place in our lives right now, in every decision. So that who we want to be is informing our decisions and guiding us to that place.


Then we were asked to Step Into that becoming. To Step Into that transformation. We continued working with the "Earth Mapping" through this process to help us to see where we were, where we want to go, and the journey into that place of the sweetest destiny.

This journey was soooo beautiful to watch unfold. Each woman approached the fire, and the fire responded differently. For some it was sweet and gentle, for some a great intensity, for some sharper flames, and some soft. A metaphor of how they interacted with this process and the energy guiding the weekend. A metaphor of the interactions with our own Inner Star Fire. A reminder that each of us have our own journey and experience...and in group we support each other in many ways. The ceremony is the act of participating in our own life and asking for what we want. To participate and interact with creation in an intentional way.

The circle of women, coming in as individuals, quickly became a very supportive community. Sharing stories, experiences, and wisdom.... We cooked over the open fire and shared meals together.. There were jokes, laughs, and concerns.. over this whole process and journey through the wild, we grew closer to ourselves and to each other.


My favorite part is to watch as each woman lit up with spiritual messages heard and discovered within their Earth Mappings, or messages received through the birds and animals...to see each one of the women light up with the joy of a new understanding... to share our spiritual journeys, both the clarity and also the confusion. The sharing of dreams, and symbolism. To see each connect more deeply with their Inner Star COMPASS...To hear how spirit is translated through each one of these women was, to me, a very, very sweet gift.

Always humbled by these experiences, It is a great journey we are on. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions below!

I look forward to seeing you on the next journey,

Jaclyn A. Ouillette