Accessing the Wild! An invitation to Journey to the New Mexico Wilderness ~

I have been camping since before I was even a year old, and had a canoe paddle made for me before I was born... so essentially I was born with an invitation to explore the wild. Big thanks to my Mom and Dad!

The Wilderness is the place that I go to clear my mind.

The Wilderness brings me solace, awe, and peace.

The Wilderness builds my spirits, and strengthens my connection to that which is greater than me.

There is an incredible feeling to remember that I am a part of the earth and the universe around me! And an even greater wonder to imagine what is out there beyond just me...beyond the forest and trees, beyond the sun and into the great mystery... into the dance we partake in on this journey of life.

When I was in highschool, I remember looking at colleges and dreaming of that dream job...the one that was definitely not in an office or a cubical! I heard that wild part of me calling. That calling that eventually led me to the west, and then to become an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Jaclyn Backpacking in the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

Jaclyn Backpacking in the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

In 2002 I was introduced to an amazing Wilderness Area that settled deep into my heart. I have returned to explore this area in length, and have done much research on the people who once lived in dwellings in the cliffs. I am convinced that this is absolutely a magical place, a place to explore the wild part of you, and a place worth visiting again and again. The area allows us to open our energy wide, to experience many layers of existance. There are natural hot springs to soak our physical bodies in...a treat after carrying our belongings on our backs!

Steam rising off the water. We will pass this spot on our way to the deeper springs up river.

Steam rising off the water. We will pass this spot on our way to the deeper springs up river.

To Access Wild places in Nature allows us the time and space to connect with the unique Wild that resides inside each of us. As we begin to strip away the everyday noises and clutter of modern life and enter into the unknown, and into the wilderness..our senses sharpen..and our listening deepens.

I am so excited for this backpacking trip we have set up for September 2017. So excited to bring others along with me, to experience the wild and access peace, simplicity, and spirit. This backpacking retreat will be a chance to get out of the ordinary, to explore an incredible landscape carved by ancient rivers and shifting earth, and to relax in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Enjoying the Starry night skies, while living close to the Earth, and soaking and nourishing our spirits in the water warmed by the Inner Earth herself.

We would love to hear how you Access the Wild by sharing in the comments below!


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Looking forward to enjoying the wild,