Why "Mending Your Roots" is so Important for your Future Self

Mending the Roots is something that I like to begin with in my energy work. To have a solid foundation and to build on a supportive base is key to bringing your visions into this reality.


If we imagine ourselves as a tree, our roots grow downward anchoring us into the earth. We have a taproot that extends down into the center of the Earth...our roots also grow wider to hold us stable and prevent us from toppling over. 

These Roots

1. Nourish us (water and nutrients) or information directly from the earth

2. Hold us stable and grounded

3. Provide our support in this reality

Without strong roots, we would tumble over. We would fold under pressure. Our branches and crown will not be nourished and wouldn't be able to flower or fruit.

There are some main roots that we all share.





Our Work in the World

We need to be tapped into to all of these to build a strong foundation. These areas change over time, so its always good to get back to the roots to see if they are supporting you now, and if they will support you in the next expression..of who you want to become.

Take a look at these roots now, do you feel supported?

Are there any roots that need mending?

I will be sharing and building more on this soon,

This is the foundation for my next Women's "Wilderness" Retreat The Journey of the Vision Tree. For More Info on this Retreat Click Here.

Looking Forward to the Next Journey,