Taking Care of Self is NOT Selfish

It is the Autumnal Equinox here in Maine and the leaves are starting to turn to brighter colors. As the nights begin to get cooler, the day and night time are equalized, and the trees begin to go inward preparing for the winter ahead. It is a good time take a look at how we are in our lives. Have we become too busy to take care of ourselves? Do we need to slow down and re-evaluate our lifestyles for the changing seasons?


This happens to be my favorite time of year! As I watch the trees fade from their bright, lush, green, they bring their energy inward and it reminds me to also do the same. The flowering and full open expression of summer is passing and the inward movement of energy starts its gentle drift toward dreaming, imagination, and the laying down of what no longer serves which later becomes the rich soil for growth.

Each Fall Season, I guide a group of women to a wilderness space where, much like the trees, we begin to focus inward. Being together in a small group of supportive women, we go within and begin to explore. We take a look at our roots and support systems, and use the Earth and natural items to help us to see what is going on inside of us.

An Example of  EarthMapping

An Example of EarthMapping


We imagine ourselves as a tree, and use the tree for guidance and support along the way. We work from the roots, up the trunk, until we can reach to the top of the tree where we can see much further, from a very different perspective. From this place we call to that dream that wishes to be expressed through us. That dream comes in as a tiny seed, which is then planted, and we nourish them over the weeks and months to come.

This year I'm excited to announce that we will be in a new, very beautiful, and very supportive location! There are tall trees on site with an amazing deeply rich in iron, and nourishing pond, a labyrinth to walk, a hot tub to view the stars from, canoes and kayaks, and acres of woods to explore. There is a meeting place indoors, and also two fire pits outdoors. We will cook on the open fire, enjoy a hot tea in the morning, and be surrounded by the beautiful colors of the fall foliage.   

Photos of "Retreat at Loon Pond" in Litchfield, Maine by David L. Sanipass

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Please share and invite those women in your life who may wish to have a fun and self-explorative nature retreat! 

Looking forward to the next journey with you,