Are You a Trailblazer?

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My question today is "Are You a TrailBlazer? "

If you are here and reading this, than I'm sure that you are! I work with creatives who want to carve a new path in her life or career. If you are a bright light, thoughtful, and hold a deep caring for the Earth and her inhabitants, if you dream of a New Earth and a New Way for Community, then you are a Trailblazer!

You might be thinking, "So Jaclyn, What the heck is a TrailBlazer?"

"Trailblazer" is a term used often in hiking or backpacking. The blaze is the paint mark on the tree, or rock, that helps you to stay on the trail. You follow the blazes of a certain color so you know you are on the right path and going in the direction that you want to go.

On the Appalachian Trail, the blazes are a single white line. That makes it interesting hiking in the snow though! Sometimes the snow covers up the white blaze and covers and hides the trail!

Other trails, or side trails will be marked with different colors such as blue, or red. When you see one of those its a sure sign you are on the wrong path! If we were hiking, I would have you turn around and retrace your steps until we could find the last white blaze that we saw, and start again from there.

The good thing with blazes on the trail is that if you stand at one, you can look around and the next blaze will be within eyesight of the one you are standing next to. So if it is snowing, or the trail has been washed out, and you can't see it, you can hop from blaze to blaze to find your path. This is exactly what its like on a spiritual path! You often can't even see the trail ahead, maybe its just one KNOW you are going toward the top of that mountain, but you can't see it! And there is no clear trail, only the next marker ahead.

The definition of "BLAZE" means to light up, to illuminate, and it can also be an intense fire, or intense light.

The "Trail" could be the hiking trail, but it also can represent the path you are taking in your life or your spiritual path.

When you connect to your center, your core essence, your inner light, your inner fire; You intensify your passions and desires that reside in the deepest part of your being. When you intensify that inner light, it "shines outward." Your light is reflected back from the world around you, and new and different opportunities light blazes on the trail! But it starts with connecting deeply with that inner blaze, stoking it, and recognizing what lights up around you.

This process is literally what I went through to go from bedridden to hiking mountains and where I am today. I had to follow my own light out of the illness, darkness, and hopelessness and carve a new path to wellness and happiness.

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