THIS is What I Crave.

Awakening in the dark cool morning with that fresh smell of the somewhat damp desert. I had watched the stars move across the sky all night, and watched as they began to fade as the morning drew near, I was camped outside of Cochise Stronghold where I was at Climb Camp with NOLS to learn and to test our rock climbing and technical skills on the NOLS Instructor Course. I can’t believe I am here. This is what I have been dreaming of for years and here it is. I try to soak in as much as I can, knowing the next moment, everything is going to change. No two moments are the same, ever.

I begin to crawl out of that warn cocoon and headed to the Coleman stove to begin the pot of water for my favorite, hot drinks! The smell of the propane burning tingled my nose and I watched the blaring hot pink sun begin to rise.

I prepared breakfast for my small group, and we packed lunch knowing we would all be on different journeys that day. Some of us were going on multi-pitch climbs, some working on the technical aspects and physics of anchor building, and some of us would be geeking out on gear placement. With each of us, we were so excited and headed off in the different directions, eager to return to dinner together and to share our stories of the day.

THIS is what I Crave.


Base camp is where the community sets up camp. From there, we travel to different sites, and on different adventures returning to the base at the end of the day to regather, nourish our bodies and minds, share our journeys, excitement, learning, & laughs. The place for family and friends to come back together to be together and to share our precious time together. Then we snuggle in our bags to sleep, and prepare for the next day, and the adventure.

This craving is where the inspiration for BASECAMP Membership came from. I am happy to introduce the new way for you to connect and feel the warm glow of community, while still traveling on your own journey guided by lessons and visualizations and explorations of your Inner Wilderness.

BASECAMP is a members area on my website where we can gather, share stories, images, and take the journey that I call “Trailblazing in the New Paradigm.” These guided virtual journeys bring you through setting your authentic direction in life with lessons to help you navigate from the place of your inner essence, that core of who you are. The teachings help you to let go of what is blocking you from manifesting your dreams, brings you to clarity on what you want and where you want to go, and helps you to carve a path that is unique to you.

The trial version is up! Join us here, we will be moving into a new pricing structure come February 1, 2019.

Check out BASECAMP to find out more.