This is an Invitation to step powerfully into the New Year with me with this 11 day Touch-the-Earth Challenge!

January First is coming right up!

Have you been reflecting on last year? Are you exploring what you want to dream into be-ing this year?

On the Transformational Journey Self and Spiritual Growth, it’s so important to always be checking in. Not only with the changes of the year, but as well with each season, each new moon and full moon, and each rising and setting of the sun.

This checking-in creates a deep mindfulness, and helps keep you on track and moving toward your North Star, or True North. Bringing awareness allows you to dream and create from the place of your Destiny Star, the place of your becoming. It allows you to let go of what you have been tolerating, because it is those things that you are tolerating that keep you from living your dreams.

Your place of Destiny is up to you.

That Journey you take and how you respond is ultimately up to you.

It’s your feet and your desires that keep you on that path!

Having support from others is like having a walking stick to lean on, or maybe someone to shine a flashlight so you can see your way a little better….but you have to be the one to do the work.

In taking some time to reflect on this past year, and planning for what I want to manifest this coming year, I have realized that what I really want is to FEEL and to BE so grounded and clear as I make my new steps into this new year. Those first tracks that I set down are setting my direction, and they need to fully support the massive ideas I have coming through. My base needs to be clear and solid to hold the immensity of what is being birthed this year!

There are many amazing things in the works, and many seeds planted. I want to be able to bring these ideas and inspirations through, plant them deep and grow them here on the Earth.

On my morning trail runs I have been holding the intention of being fully grounded and clear.

(This is part of my work with my BASECAMP membership as Intentions is the First Teaching Module. You can learn more HERE)

While holding my intention I ask the forest and the lakes, “How do I get soooo grounded and clear?” I ask the trees and the squirrels. I ask the sunlight shining through the tiny needles and the little bubbling creeks. And finally as I finish up my run, I step my barefeet into the fresh snow, on the ice, and in the water, and it becomes very clear!-

I would like to invite you on this journey with me. To step barefeet on the naked earth so you have that direct connection. We will begin the journey on January 1 and it will go for 11 days.

This is an invitation to join me on an 11 day challenge, to touch the earth with your barefeet for 11 days beginning January 1st! Touching the Earth Directly grounds your energy field, and clears your mind. It physically grounds the energy to the earth.

I suggest to hold an intention for the 11 days. To find clarity on something you wondering about. And each day as we move out into the elements and direct connection with the earth ask out loud for that clarity you are seeking. And be patient. Don’t expect anything right away. Just enjoy the journey and see what comes up.

Here are specific criteria for each day:

Day 1. Barefeet on Earth
Day 2. Barefeet and Water
Day 3. Barefeet and Ice
Day 4. Barefeet and Snow
Day 5. Barefeet and Leaves
Day 6. Barefeet and Rocks
Day 7. Barefeet and Sand
Day 8. Barefeet and Plants
Day 9. Barefeet and Air
Day 10. Barefeet and Trees
Day 11. Barefeet Freestyle (your choice!)

Have fun & get creative! Tag or invite a friend so they can join too!

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I’m looking forward to this journey and connecting with the earth with you!

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Thank you!