MAPP Your Way To Clarity, Clear the Path to Your North Star from Wherever You Are

Being Clear is the one thing that will guide you courageously into new waters!

One of the major setbacks that I run into over and over is non-clarity which often hides under the surface of our everyday life and decisions.

When you are on a spiritual path, it is important to make clear decisions, yes or no, one or the other... not maybe. Sometimes we trick ourselves by saying we want one thing, write it down, ask for it...but in our words when we are speaking to others, and quietly in our thoughts, there is still an alternative.

"If this doesn't work out then I will do this."

"I want this and I've prayed for it so I know what I want, but maybe I should do this instead."

When you send a maybe out into the universe (consciously or unconsciously) it brings back even more confusion, because that is what you are asking for.

Often I hear people wait and wait for spirit to give them the answer, to give them the direction they are "supposed" to go in...but spirit is just there waiting for YOU to decide, so they can support you on your journey. Every journey begins with one step!

If you are looking to find clarity on your direction and purpose I invite you on this next journey, it is a free audio with MAPPing worksheets to help you get super clear!

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