The Return from the "Journey of the Vision Tree" Women's Weekend Retreat

We have returned from an amazing journey on this years Women's Wilderness Wisdom Journeys Spring, Weekend Retreat. These women had been preparing for weeks, and some for months before we gathered.

I've created a quick video to share that captures some of the essence of this retreat and this group. Many photos were taken by Louanne Schoninger, we were greatful to have her join teh retreat and capture some special moments. Please enjoy the video.

We gathered off grid, which was so nice! No phone, no electricity, no running water. We came together to live simply and to focus on ROOTS, CORE, & CROWN. Each had their own experiences as we journeyed from the earth up to the crown to receive a greater vision.

We processed alot! Knowing when to take time for yourself is important. Maybe you feel like you should be helping, but you need that time to process, to reflect, and to ground more fully. Maybe you need space to see more clearly. I offered my perspective and encouraged each women to take the time they needed. The retreat was designed so that participation is up to you.

This retreat was held at my long time teacher and mentor's property, at the Teaching Lodge in Canaan, Maine. Ray Reitze, or Old Turtle taught me a long time ago about inner peace and peace of mind. He taught me about being OK with myself. I learned this just by being in his presence, and not being expected to do anything...even talk. This was one of the greatest gifts I have received however it took me a while to get there! I wanted to bring this to the retreat and I reminded each, "You have permission to be yourself. I am not expecting you to do anything."

I have woven into my retreats all of the teachings that I have sifted from all of my teachers, and my experiences with all of these teachings.

"May you allow yourself to be who you are, to rest when you need, and to enjoy this world in your own way. May you feel free to express your inner light, and allow yourself to receive the greatest vision you can step into...and may you step in with confidence and curiosity!"

If you would like to take  "Journey of the Vision Tree" I have created an audio journey that you can listen to on your device from home or in your neck of the woods, you can find that by clicking the image below.

Blessings on your journey,

Jaclyn A. Ouillette

You can explore my two most influential teachers by using the links below.