Recovery From Lyme, Seeking What Makes Me Feel Alive

In my recovery from Severe Neurological Lyme Disease, I tried many things. I will be sharing the actual things that really helped me.

At the point where I could walk again, I would walk every morning. I met David Lonebear Sanipass and he encouraged me to:

Walk Further

Enjoy being in the Rain

And to begin Running again

I walked in the rain and wrote a poem about it. To embrace the rain again, to feel the droplets like electricity on my skin made me feel alive again.

The poem I wrote about the rain in 2013,  is posted here.

On my walks I slowly added in short jogs that got my heart rate up. I extended those over time to the point that I could jog 1 mile. I remember it being a very slow process, maybe even 6 months. (It was a bit frustrating knowing I used to run 5 miles quickly and easily before this illness). The running and especially in the rain makes me feel alive and I continue to seek those opportunities!

What makes you feel alive?

What opportunities do you seek to "Live Your Wild Spirit?"

Please share in the comments below, it gives everyone permission and ideas to expand even further!