Remembering the Rain


(January 3, 2013 at 12:32 AM)

Today I walk a path

a path usually crowded with people and dogs,

with bikes, children, and baby strollers.


But just for today

It's simply me,

Quiet and still

Rushing only where the river unfrozen.


And I am called to a Tree that Used to Be

only by minds eye can I see...

Rope swing no more, yet

I can still hear

the laughter of children where she cared for me.


This Tree, This Tree

was like a Mother to Me

Cradling so gently, a gift.

Heaven I remember.


I sit on the river's edge on a rock,

back supported by hollow stump

echoes of emptiness...simple loneliness.


The rain sprinkles Face.

Warm cheeks kissed.

Blessings from Creator.


I melt into my surroundings where time elapses,

Suddenly filled with music of the Mother...

As I sing to the rain

drops grow ever more caressing.


Each sweet kiss reminds me

I am home.

Each tiny splash reminds me

I am loved.


I squint looking up to the skies,

Body merging with warmth,

Raindrops cleanse the tears from my eyes.


How Could I have Forgotten Such Beauty?

Such Blessings?


Wrapped so snugly in a cocoon of pure nourishment,

The wisdom rains down from the heavens

in drops of song that only soul remembers.


How far this rain has traveled

to meet me right here,

to be with me now.


How special to feel,

these drops chose me to greet this morning.


I sing to the rain, and to the rocks, and to the tree,

I sing to the sky, to the Mother, to the We

....and realize that she sings in harmony.....

our sound carried down river

thank you thank you thank you

for sharing your song with me...


~Jaclyn A. Ouillette