4 Steps of Transformation & EarthMAPPing Your Way to Clarity

I have been exploring transformation and what that means. It is an actual shift in your reality, where you are being or doing something different, and the universe responds in a different way. You can see or feel the difference, it is measurable, noticeable.

1. The first step in the transformation is to recognize you want to change something.
 Is it your health? Your wealth? Your job? Whatever it is you have to see it first.

2. The second is to decide! (yes and no are a spiritual decision, there is no maybe in this.) You need to decide "Yes," (or "No") before anything is going to change.

In my journey there was a point where I literally had to choose between life and death. I was so sick, I was living between the two worlds. I was just existing in the world but not functioning. Are you doing this in some aspect of your life right now? Are you continuing to just float through, to just get by...to ignore the messages telling you to shift or to make a move?

That is what I did, and because I ignored those messages so long, I ended up becoming sick and in bed (and still resisting!)

Once I finally decided to say YES to living, everything changed!

3. Get Clear
When I had to navigate my way out of the darkness, my dark cave, the bed I had been just barely surviving in for 2 1/2 years, there was no one to show me the way. The doctors had given up on me, labeling me as permanently disabled, and saying I would never recover. I couldn't depend on them. It had to be up to me, so how?

Each day my sister would come pick me up and bring me to the beach. I would jump into the cold ocean thinking it would shock my immune system so I could begin to fight. Then I would lay on the beach with layers of clothes and blankets to keep me warm (even in the 80 degree heat.)

I began to play with the dirt and the rocks. Aligning them in a way that represented  how I felt. I would lay out the confusion that I felt.  And laying there I would look at this tiny configuration, like a mini earth temple, and ask it to show me what this was about. I would receive insights into my life based on these  configurations on the earth. This process helped me to see where I was. It gave me messages about the things I was unclear about.

4. What is the next step?
The next step. Putting this out on the earth helped me to find clarity and peace of mind. It helped me to see my next step in my journey.
Later (in 2012) this became known to me as an EarthMAPP while I was tuning into spirit and asking for more information. It was helping me to see the mythical stories and to take the next step in my healing process.

MAPP is an acronym for Mythical Answers, Practical Plan. And this is how I navigated my way out of the darkness.

One day at a time.

One EarthMAPP at a time.

The EarthMAPPing process is one way that guided me on my healing journey through Lyme, and also guides me today in my next steps. It led me to speaking to a packed ballroom in Montreal last Fall, and sharing more of the depth of my story...and each day unfolds, and each MAPP unrolls a new section of my life.

EarthMAPPing is the first thing I teach in my retreats, private sessions, and programs.

It has been powerfully transformational for my clients, this is what Michelle had to share:

"The MAPPing session was so much fun with you. Thank you! It offered beautiful clarity on all grounds. The part that stuck with me most was how important it is to find your direction before taking a step to progress. So many times we want to go full steam ahead, yet have no path. Now, I see how to make a map of my intentions and where they mark my path so I can walk more intently and with a purpose" ~ Michelle S.

I have created an audio journey that includes printable MAPPS that help you to see where you are, to see where you want to go, and to identify the biggest thing that is stopping you from living that higher dream right now.

Get Clarity and step into your sweetest destiny (You Deserve it!)