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A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

A Joyful Return! Activating the Inner Star COMPASS & Stoking the Fire.. Women's Weekend Retreat ☼.

An amazing Women's Weekend Summer Retreat spent focusing on our Inner Star Compass and the journey of accessing our inner Star Fire!

Women's Wilderness Wisdom Spring Retreat & The Inner Star C.o.m.p.a.s.s.

Soooo excited for the Women's Spring Retreat coming up the first weekend in June! A time for women to gather, to canoe together and to stay on an island on a lake in Maine where we cook our meals over the open fire. We focus on connecting to our own truth, our own light, and nurturing and nourishing that inner star in a small setting with supportive women.

When we ignore our inner light, our inner navigation system, we can become confused, lost and even sick. When we don't connect, or see our inner truth, it is magnified on the outside through tough relationships, unsatisfying work, and overwhelm in most living situations. On the Island Retreats, we work to see where we really are, where we want to go, and move through the obstacles in between using the Earth as a way to map out our journey.

I utilize a system that was shown to me in my own process of healing and navigating and a process in which I have worked with hundreds of other women. This was shown to me in an acronym as we worked to find our Inner Star C.O.M.P.A.S.S.

I'll be sharing more about the Inner Star Compass soon, in the meantime please enjoy these photos of some of the moments from our past Women's Wilderness Wisdom Journeys.


A Wonderful Year of Exploration, Women's Wilderness Journeys in 2016

A Wonderful Year of Exploration, Women's Wilderness Journeys in 2016

These Wilderness Journeys pull us slightly out of our comfort zone..with a little adventure and uncertainty we are asked to see ourselves in a real way, held by a small community of supportive women. Many enjoyed relaxation, connection, and time away from the everyday to recharge and find spiritual direction. Many were called to offer gifts, some planned and some spontaneous to empower ourselves, deepen our wisdom, and let each other shine. Some offerings in addition to my own this year were different styles of Yoga, Plant Medicine, Edible Plants, Nourishing Meals, Songs, and Unique ways to Connect with the Earth. It is such a blessing to be a part of this community and sooooo Grateful for your Wisdom Sharing! Thank you to all who participated. Below enjoy the journey through these pictures.

Wisdom Gathered. The Island Retreat, A Women's Weekend

We just returned back from an incredible Women's Wisdom Journey to "The Island", a 14 acre island in Annabessacook Lake in Monmouth, Maine. We paddled some mild choppy waters toward the island where we camped for two nights and 3 days..immersing ourselves in a beautifully supportive community of women, cooking and talking around the campfire and supporting each other on our unique journeys in life. We were a group from many generations of women, sharing wisdom and our spiritual quests together.

The teachings came through the transformation of fire, the willingness to be seen by the self, to see the ego with compassion, with the group as sacred witness to set the intentions for the weekend. Sleeping close to the earth encouraged deep rest, grounding and connection. A sunrise singing bowl session below a fluorescent deep pink morning sky to greet the day. Time to explore our selves, to listen to our bodies and our spirit. All meals were prepared together directly on the fire....We had a crystal singing bowl, crystal singing pyramid and voice journey that awakened deep memories, and a session to help us to see our path in symbolic space time through Earth Mapping where we live on the edge of the wheel of life and seeing our journey back to center. We had time for walking, rope swing, and swimming as well as space for solo exploration and journaling. The morning brought a deep healing circle in the waters and a journey up the Vision Tree to get a glimpse of the next steps to take after leaving the retreat. Smiles, laughter, tears, and "heavy energies" left on the island, we paddled back to the mainland riding the tall waves home......

I'm deeply grateful for this weekend experience and look forward to guiding the next group very soon....

~ Jaclyn