Uncover Your Inner Star Essence, Access Your Brilliance, & Create from the Brightest Center of your Being

I recently guided a Virtual Journey to guide you to Access Your Inner Star Essence. I have been finding that many people I talk with have a knowing that they have this inner knowledge, inner light, and connection with the universe however they find themselves feeling blocked, lacking the luster and shine somewhere in their lives.

Having and cultivating a relationship with your Inner Star Essence is essential to living and creating your life from the brilliance of who you are.

Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

Focus on the Inner Journey, and Every Step is a Step of Gratitude. ActivatEE Presentation

This past November I traveled to Montreal to participate in the Association for Experiential Education's ActivatEE presentations at the AEE International Conference. This was a journey for me to get here. My struggle for health and subsequent journey through life has drastically changed the way I experience my current life and my surroundings.

A Quest for Freedom .. A Journey to the Jungle and the Pyramids at Chichen Itza, Mexico

This journey began long before I realized my spiritual connection to the ancient sites on this planet. Since 6th grade I have been called to the Yucatan after learning about the people who lived there and the massive pyramids and structures that were left behind while the population seemingly disappeared over night with no clues as to where they had gone to.

While I was on an 88-day journey through the American Southwest in 2002, I began to have vivid dreams that told me about ancient people, the stars, and humanity. In one dream a Mayan grandfather appeared to me. He told me that the fall from consciousness was only from the height of a horse. It is as easy as standing up and climbing back up on that horse..  the fall has only been from the height of a horse, and in the bigger picture of the universe, that isn't far at all. Its just that we as a collective need to make the decision to do it.. to get back on that horse and ride it to freedom.

And so I began to study the energy of each day while living in the wild, out of a backpack, on a journey across the American Southwest. Through the deserts and down the Rio Grande....Along the way dreams came to guide me. Animals came to speak to me, visions appeared to me that showed me a new earth, anew and familiar way of living together...my curiosity of the world beyond what I could physically see was peeked.. and questions formed. I began to seek, wondering what this dream was really telling me, how do I stand and jump back on that horse? I stuck my straw into the universal milkshake of knowledge and I began my quest for the truth that would lead me to freedom.

This quest for freedom has led me on a journey across the US and back more than 13 times by car..and countless times by air... I have sought out many teachers and experiences... to break free from one's own limiting beliefs and mind doesn't seem as easy as just jumping on a horse. But perhaps in the story of humanity as a whole, this evolution will come more quickly than the number of years it has been since we have fallen. Each time I fall, I get back up...I searched for that freedom in the Mountains in Peru from the descendants of the Incas, the Islands and ancient sites in Greece..and just recently, Mexico.

I just returned from my first visit to the Yucatan in Mexico. I have been called here through dreams many many times. I am filled with light, delight, wonder, and inspiration. We traveled to the jungle where I connected with the plants and the land. We visited ancient temples and ancient sites. Each location that I visited, I was shown something new to help me break through the limits of my own mind and bring me closer to that freedom I have been seeking. Seeing beyond the ruins into the purpose of these temples..receiving insight as to ancient technologies..and being more fully and clearly guided by the ancestors.


I felt as though I were torn apart, all parts of my being devoured by the energy of the jaguar..to be spit out and birthed again in a new level of consciousness. Thousands and thousands of people travel all over to visit the ancient sites and to look..but there are more and more ropes that prevent us from getting closer and really experiencing these. We aren't allowed to climb the stairs up to the top of the pyramids. These have been closed to preserve the site, yet because of this we are not fully receiving all of the technology that these sites are offering.


What is it that the ancients wanted us to remember? I'd love to hear your thoughts ~





Returning Refreshed from the Winter Reflections Women's Weekend Retreat

We just returned refreshed, renewed and more aware of ourselves on many levels of perception from our Winter Reflections Women's Weekend Retreat. This was an amazing group of women who came together in a small community to reflect, to do some deep inner work, and to enjoy the wilderness setting while being cozy in the off-grid yurt and rustic cabin.

All the aspects of the retreat left me feeling fulfilled. Even the weather cooperated! The sauna was the icing on the cake! It was much appreciated! Just the right touch to lighten things up and build the bond among us. Your guidance and wisdom are such a blessing to me.
— Joanne Weiss, Winter Reflections Women"s Weekend Retreat February 2016

We gathered in circle to share wisdom and to see ourselves more deeply..with the knowing that seeing what is uncomfortable and being witnessed in this process brings about deep healing and awareness. We began with clearing by working with our energy fields and to create boundaries and energetic space for us to work in over the weekend.

We viewed ourselves from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of perception using archetypal energies of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, and eagle to assist us in shifting those perceptions and seeing ourselves through those eyes. We used gazing and energy tracking exercises with actual mirrors to provide an actual reflection back to us, and also we saw ourselves in others in the circle.

We realized through these practices and techniques when we see ourselves in others, what we tend to notice first is the shadow pieces of ourselves. Those aspects of ourselves that we don't like and don't want to see. Those places of annoyance, anger, and frustration. And that it is those who are closest to us who provide those most difficult mirrors to us..our partners and family.

We practiced seeing those places and going into them and through them..by sharing these in circle they become seen and are easier to move through.

We practiced seeing the light in each other...because that too is a reflection of ourselves....

Maybe as we practice seeing the light in others, we will more easily see it in ourselves?

This was a fun weekend of deep work, reflection, letting go, and also of great laughs and fun in the snow. I'm looking forward to the next journey!

Join us for The Gila Wilderness Backpacking, Ancient Sites, and Natural Hot Springs in September 2016


Wilderness Blessings,