Crystal Singing Bowls

The Water Keeper's Library

This week I was blessed to be invited to play my crystal singing bowls in Boston by Artist Faith Johnson to participate in the opening reception of Aether.

During the opening, Faith Johnson Guided us on an amazing journey through her interactive installation "The Water Keeper's Library" to activate the memory of water and experience an exploration of the water libraries that were gathered from around the world.. we connected with drops of water from different samples and ventured through our imagination guided by the story she told, that led us from earth to the very outer reaches of the cosmos and the beginning of water in its elemental form to the wisdom and memory that the water held. I was invited to play my crystal singing bowls along with this journey. We placed local water from Jamaica Pond inside the bowls while we played.... what an honor to participate in this amazing mind expanding and soul deepening experience! You can read more about Faith's ongoing water project "The Water Museum" here

Jaclyn's Crystal Bowls set up at the "Water Keeper's Library".. ready for the journey!

Jaclyn's Crystal Bowls set up at the "Water Keeper's Library".. ready for the journey!

"Aether combines the cross-disciplinary works of five artists: interactive installation and performance artist, educator and community artist Faith Johnson; multimedia and performing artist, educator and organizer, Maria Molteni; performance, film, and interdisciplinary artist Sue Murad; mixed media artist and children’s librarian Meaghan Schwelm and composer and sound artist Amber Vistein. Each artist navigates one of the elements—water, earth, fire, or air—connecting conceptually through a fifth element aether that contains them all. This fifth classical element is said to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. It was considered in the 19th century to permeate all space, providing a medium through which light could travel. Aether is the quintessence, or poetic/spiritual confluence, where all the elements connect, arching between the physical/material world and the world of the ethereal. "

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Hiking to play my Crystal Singing Bowls in the Desert

I just returned from Tucson, Arizona from the Gem Show where I first purchased my singing bowls 7 years ago! I can't believe it has been that long. I connect with these bowls, carrying them up hills, over mountains, and to the beaches...I play them beside the lakes and from Maine to North Carolina, Utah, to Arizona. I use them as tools to help me to find resonance with my body, mind, spirit, and world around me.

Hiking just outside of Tucson, Arizona to play my bowls

Hiking just outside of Tucson, Arizona to play my bowls

The Crystal Bowls for me are a way to tap into the universe and new experiences through exploring imagination & journey through traveling with sound vibration. I invite you to journey with me this New Moon! We will be in one of my favorite cozy spaces in Falmouth, Maine, Meadow Wind. Many have shared they experience deep and clear journeys and feel a vibrational shift during these guided sessions.

This is a gathering to celebrate the new moon with a guided journey accompanied by my crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramid, and other sound. We try to gather once per month on or near the new moon to deepen our practice and further our imagination. The new moon is a perfect time to look deep within, to plant the seeds of your dreams, and to find guidance to grow your dreams on earth.

We will journey and then learn ways to embody the vibration and implement the messages, by sharing this in community it helps us to pull the pieces together and to dream bigger. Our collective imagination is much bigger than just ours alone.

Each month has different teachings and are for everyone who wishes to join.
All abilities and experience levels are welcome, This is open to everyone.

There will be a basket for offerings. Suggested Donation of $10-20

This helps with supplies, rental of spaces, website fees, and toward the livelihood and continued education of the teachers and guides...also sadly one of my bowls has broken and I am working towards replacing it. I will be holding many more crystal singing bowl journeys to help me raise enough to purchase the 3rd bowl in my set again, which was $1100 when I bought it 7 years ago!

New Moon Journey Circle, Imagination, Dream, & Guided Journey

February 26, 2017

6-7:30 pm

Meadow Wind Institute

100 Gray Road, West Falmouth, Maine

Contact Jaclyn for questions or for more info

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