Personal JOurneys Specifically designed for women

These are deep moving sessions designed to empower you to see where you are and to step more fully into YOU.

It's time to let go of the old ways and to step into the new, but that's not always so easy! In these journeys we work directly with earth, ancient energy medicine techniques and teachings. 


*Earth Mapping

We work together using elements from the Earth to represent the mythic or symbolic map you are currently living on to help you to see exactly where you are. By taking what you are thinking and feeling on the inside, we move that outward to be held on the earth in a way that you can actually see what is going on inside. Most of the time our mind tells us that we are somewhere else, it doesn't allow us to see the truth. By keeping this inside it circles over and over and as a result we remain confused, unclear, and stuck in old patterns. You continue to remain in the same place, in the same struggles, and in the same patterns. Just by seeing where you actually are, you can take those steps to make major shifts in your life.

We use earth elements to create a Mythic Map for where you would like to go.


Stepping Into Your Greater Destiny

EarthMapping is a process of using the Earth as a reflection for you. The earth can help you to see what is really going on inside your body and mind. She has a way of speaking in symbols, in a simple and clear way so you can understand, get clear, and conssciously choose your next steps on your path.

It is the bridge between these two maps, where you are and where you want to go, that is the tunnel of transformation...

Along this bridge you are supported to see and face obstacles that might hinder you and using ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques we support your navigation through this while building your connection with your Inner Star C.o.m.p.a.s.s.


Navigate with Your Inner Star Compass

Dust off your Inner Star, it is the compass that helps you to navigate to deeply nourish and express you spirit, to navigate with your truth.. to live a more expressed existance.

We have a light within that guides us, it is the core essence of who we are. When we are born that knowing is there, but as we go through life, this knowing gets cluttered and blocked and we are no longer able to see our north star, our sweetest destiny. When we clear the old patterns we can better see and follow our inner light, which guides us to a destiny that our core essence is desiring to experience.

With energy work, we work to assist you in opening up destiny lines that you were unable to access due to stress, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and stagnant or heavy energies. Clearing these dis-harmonic energies and helps you to come back into balance which is the natural state of the body. In clearing away what isn't in alignment with your highest destiny, or your soul's calling, you allow space for your higher self to manifest in this time. By clearing away what is no longer in alignment with your core essence, the particles of the universe organizes around you and the light of who you are shines brighter.

Your inner star is that place within you that knows its sweetest destiny, it is the pure essence of who you are. Over our lifetime it gets blocked and cluttered and we have a hard time seeing it and being led by it. We work together to dust that off so you can navigate by your inner can shine on your path to your sweetest destiny.


Clearing, Upgrading, & Activating Your

Light Body

The way of the Luminous Warrior is not an easy path, but consistency in giving in to the flow and a dedication to your path activates a deep remembrance within you that is ready to shine outward.

Emotional Clearing & Illumination of the Light Body

We are energy. Our physical bodies, thoughts, emotions, and spirit are energies of different densities. Our body, thoughts, and emotions create an energy field around us. Within the energy field we may store unhealthy patterns and unprocessed emotions that have accrued throughout our lifetimes. With ancient practices of energy medicine, these can be brought back into balance, releasing the heaviness, and bringing you into right relationship with your past and future. Light fills the spaces where darkness once was...allowing your world to reorganize around you with simple shifts that help to raise your consciousness and expand your awareness. Together we put into place simple practices and rituals to assist you in maintaining the new vibration.