Take a guided journey to MAPP Your Way to Clarity from your soul's highest perspective

Jaclyn has been guiding deep Journeys of self-awareness and personal growth since 2004, She has guided thousands of people from around the world to spark their inner star fire and step into living their dreams.

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MAPP Your Way to Clarity

Take a free Guided Audio Journey with printable MAPPS and get crystal clear on Your Path, Direction, & Higher Vision. Enter Your email below to receive this journey in your inbox and begin right away.

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JOurney of the vision tree

Take a Guided Journey from ROOTS, to CORE, to CROWN. Get physically grounded & rooted into the Earth. Connect with your inner CORE, your Star Essence, so you can shine. Expand your crown and receive a vision from a much higher perspective. 

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Inner Compass Program

Get so connected to your True Self that you lead your life with your Inner Star. The COMPASS is an acronym for Clearing, Orienting, MAPPing, Preparing, Attuning. Sourcing, and Stepping in. Clear your luminous energy field and access your Inner Star Compass.