Hello, My name is Jaclyn Ouillette. I want to share with you that although I speak about My Lyme Disease Journey, Lyme is NOT my story. Lyme has been a catalyst for an even greater opportunity to really live and experience a Life that was way beyond my dreams. I have been traveling and speaking around the US and Canada. I speak to inspire, I speak about  Wellness, Transformation, my Wilderness Adventures & what I learned while living in my car alone and exploring the US. I speak to Empower Women to find their unique direction and purpose, and inspire them to go way beyond what they think they can do.



Inspired by my life journey and path, from living in my car, to working as a wilderness guide, traveling and studying in Peru, and founding my own business to empower Women through Wellness, Martial Arts, & Wilderness.


  • Wellness & Ancient Practices for Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • Crystal Singing Bowls, Energy Medicine, & Breathing Techniques, & Meditation
  • Women's Empowerment through Martial Arts (Mind, Body, & Spirit)

Transformation & Inspiration

  • Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out
  • Changing Your Thinking Changes Your Life
  • Transformation of Body, Mind, & Spirit.


  • Life as Wilderness instructor and the Different Cultures within different programs (from Wilderness Therapy Programs, to NOLS to Maine Guides etc.)
  • Living in My Car traveling around the US to explore and Backpacking, Caving, Rock Climbing, & Rock Hounding
  • My Journey through Lyme and Reconnecting with the Earth & Wilderness in a New Way

Below is my story of Hope, of inspiration... of the ability to change our minds and perspectives to change our lives. 

In November of 2017, I traveled to Montreal to present my story at the Association for Experiential Education's International Conference. 


Below is a recording from a Star Teachings Society Event on January 27, 2013. This is the first place I spoke publicaly about my Lyme Disease Journey.

The doctors said I would never be able to return to the area of my passion during the Lyme because I was so sick, they thought there was no way to recover from that state. But with determination and changing my thoughts, here I am in Zion National Park in Utah on the East Rim Trail a 6.9 mile difficult hike up 2, 644 feet in elevation gain and looking down on Angel's Landing in 2010. I began to believe that anything was possible!

Jaclyn Ouillette gave a very moving and inspirational ActivatEE presentation yesterday to a packed ballroom at the annual AEE International Conference in Montreal.
— Johnson State College, Outdoor Education Department


Past Venues

Star Teachings Society

  • The Second Lesson, Maine College of Art, Osher Hall, Portland, Maine, January 2013
  • Nova TEA'S Beeing Together, The Resonance of Kindness, Illumination, Mechanic's Ballroom, Portland, Maine, April 2015
  • Steps to the Stars, The Orion Performing Arts Center, Topsham, Maine, September 2015
  • Finding Spirit, New Brunswick, Canada, September 2016

Association for Experiential Education

  • International Conference, Montreal, Canada. November 2017
  • Regional Conference, Becket Outdoor Center, Massachusetts, April 2018

Workshops at Past Events

The Enlightenment Expo, Maine Metaphysical Mineral Show, Maine Women's Conference,





To Inquire about having Jaclyn as a speaker at your conference or event please email ouillette.jaclyn@gmail.com