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Get Real. Get Clear. Let's Blaze a New Trail for 2019!

I’m so happy to be sharing with you “TrailBlazing in the New Paradigm” Pathfinding & Navigation Tips and Techniques to help you Carve a New Path for the New Year.

I'm going to be sharing 3 Powerful Lessons for Pathfinding along with Decision Making Techniques you can implement to Blaze a New Trail for yourself in 2019!

Let's Clear the Path for a healthy, happy, more fulfilled YOU for the New Year.

After being sick with Lyme and unable to really live, I needed to find my inner light and learn how to navigate a new way for myself. I have had to navigate my health, navigate how to manifest my desires, like going to Peru and hiking mountains even after I had spent all of my money to get well again. So I had to create a new business that would support my new lifestyle and continue to support my healing and spiritual journey. I have had to navigate out of some very tough situations, and now I help others to find their navigation.

On this webinar I’m going to share real techniques so you can:

  1. Find Your Footing

  2. Recognize your signposts and be able to decode the signs so you know what they are telling you

  3. Make clear, confident decisions from multiple levels of awareness

    In other words, on this free live training you will learn how to:

    • Gain your footing, so you can have a solid place to start blazing your new trail from
    • Learn to recognize the signposts on the trail that will help you to navigate through the dark and unknown
    • Get Comfortable “Taking the Fork in the Road” and making clear decisions toward a new way of thinking and being in your life
    • Leave the teaching with clear techniques for decision making and pathfinding in the new paradigm

    As the way we live on this planet shifts, you are being called to be more of yourself. The way you think, the way you make decisions in your life changes. You are being called to be in community and to be more expressive of your own inner light.

    But, do you feel like its hard to get moving in that new direction?

    This training is for you if you find yourself in a place right now where:

    • You are feeling a bit stagnant, like your feet are stuck in the swamps
    • You are up in the air with making a big decision in your life, or several small ones
    • You don’t know which direction to go toward your dreams
    • You are feeling stuck and desperately want to change that
    • You dread getting out of bed in the morning

You just want to make it through the day secretly hoping everything will change on its own
• Your outer expression of life doesn’t match what you feel on the inside
• You have had it! and are ready to take a step in a new direction
• You are looking for help or for someone to walk next to you and support you
• You have glimpses of your greater vision, but don’t know how to step into living it
• And most of all, you might see multiple possible paths, but just don’t know what direction to go in!

All of this stops you from; Making decisions, Trying new things, Following through with ideas, causes anxiety, and ultimately depression or desperation.

That is not how we are supposed to live! I know the dark cave, I have been there. For me it manifested as an incurable illness. But I felt the desperation, the deep desire for massive change, and the overwhelm of not being able to see my way out. There was no one showing me the way, I had to find it myself. I had to find my own inner light and learn to navigate out of the dark cave.

I did it and I know you can too! Just Imagine.

Join me for "TrailBlazing in the New Paradigm!" Let's do this! Please share with your friends and everyone you think would be interested!

Looking forward to this next journey with you,

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You will also be registered for Jaclyn’s ‘Wild Inspirations"‘ Newsletter, You can unsubscribe anytime. We will never use, rent, or sell your information.

Please share with your friends and everyone you think would be interested so we can Blaze a New Trail Together!


Hello, I’m Jaclyn Ouillette, founder of Wilderness Wisdom Journeys, a guiding company I developed to help Women connect with their purpose, authentic direction, and step into the living their dreams by accessing their Inner Star Essence and using their True Inner Self as their Guide. I am a transformational guide on this journey where your Spirit meets the Earth. I have experienced a major FULL transformation on all levels, Body, Mind, & Spirit on my journey of going from Bed Ridden to Black Belt. I have been guiding Women on Journeys of Transformation since 2009, and have been leading wilderness journeys focused on personal growth and transformation since 2004.


Jaclyn Ouillette holds a BA in Outdoor Education with a concentration in Wilderness Leadership & Adventure Education. She worked as a Wilderness Therapy Guide, spending more than 500 nights in the field. Jaclyn spent a semester at NOLS, 88 days in the desert Southwest, she then completed the NOLS Southwest Mountain Instructor Course. Her interests also led her to study Women's Rock Climbing & Leadership with NOLS where she had the opportunity to focus on gender leadership and learning styles before becoming Certified as an Instructor and working 30-day expeditions in the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

A devastating run with a severely debilitating disease, "Chronic, Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease" led her through unsuccessful treatments in Western Medicine to Ancient Energy medicine from the Q'ero who lived in the high mountains of Peru. She became a Full Mesa Carrier and was Certified as a Practitioner of Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society. The ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques helped her to heal what her doctors thought was impossible.

After 5 devastating years, she built her strength back and studied with 3 Master Maine Guides to become registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide and to return to the wilderness in a new way. She began a private practice and guided hundreds of women from around the world on deep transformational journeys. She has since deepened her studies in Ancient Teachings including Star Teachings, became Certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a Black Belt and Martial Arts Instructor, and Assistant Director for the College of Sho-Kai School for Training in Martial Arts.