Your Inner Star Essence is that core place within you. It is that place of knowing, that place where the True YOU resides. As you go through life, this essence tends to get covered by experiences and outside forces. It grows dull with the weight of what those around you tell you when you are growing up..such as "you can't do this," or "you will never be able to do that".... But there is a way to tap back in, to dust off, and to access the brilliance of YOU again!


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Guided by Jaclyn Ouillette, Wilderness Wisdom Guide, Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine & Luminous Healing, and Registered Maine Wilderness Guide. Jaclyn has been leading healing journeys focused on personal growth and self awareness since 2004. After contracting a severe and devastating case of Lyme Disease which caused neurological damage, Jaclyn was led out of the darkness by accessing the voice of the universe which connected her deeply to her Inner Star Compass and guided her on a shamanic path of transformation. It was by following this Inner Star Compass that she was able to heal herself from what doctor's thought was impossible. Jaclyn's healing journey has allowed her to heal beyond her own imagination, and to return to guiding, however in a new way inspired by what she has learned.

Photos by David L. Sanipass