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"Journey of the Vision Tree" Fall Foliage Women's Retreat

Women's Weekend Retreat...A fall immersion into the rich inner realms, where there resides worlds of guidance. 

"The Journey of the Vision Tree" 

This retreat is largely inspired by a journey I took with a tree in 2010 which is still unfolding. It will be a weekend to relax, to connect deeply with nature, and to be supported by a small community of women. All abilities welcome.

This journey will take place in a beautiful setting in Litchfield, Maine Called Retreat at Loon Pond. This is going to be the most perfect setting for this journey. We will arrive down the dirt road, to a beautiful home that sits right at the edge of Loon Pond. We will have direct access to nature, to trees, to the pond (canoe/kayak/swim), to the stars, and also there is a beautiful labrynth to walk, and a hot tub! We may just have to have our star lessons right from the hot tub ;) 

We will camp close to the pond or tucked beneath the trees on the property. There are options to canoe a ways and camp along the edge of the pond in a private space. (There are two beds indoors first come, first serve, and also floor space if you prefer indoors please contact me ASAP!)

We will focus on your personal journey with support from a small group of Women.

The journey begins with "Mending the Roots" where we focus on your own roots in your life, growing them deeper and stronger to support the rest of the weekend, and to continue supporting you beyond the retreat.

We move to Finding the Flexibility, Stability. & Courage to "Stand in Who you Really Are."

We work with outstretching our arms to the stars, Flowering & "Blooming into Your more Open Self." 

And finally "The Vision Tree." From the Crown of the Tree we journey to receive a vision for the future, personally and collectively. 

Then learn and take the steps to embody the New Vibration you ahve brought back.

During the weekend you will experience different processes that are the star dust and glitter from all of my studies. These are to help you to clear, orient, map, prepare, attune, source, and step into the next version of yourself. We touch on the different senses, the different ways of communicating and receiving messages, and practical tools that you can continue to use to guide your self in your own transformational journeys.

We use a process I call "EarthMapping" where you practice putting on the outside of you what is really going on on the inside. It is hard to see when it is just held on the inside. So as this is placed outward, it is held by the Earth, it allows us to see where we actually are in a very supported way. We will use this map to receive messages and insights and to map out our vision and next steps for the future.

In this journey we work with the four bodies, physical, mental/emotional, soul, & spirit. 

My work is acombination of all of my studies with all of my teachiners..with refined teachings in the area of our connection of body, mind, and spirit...through exploration and coming into relationship with all parts of ourselves including ego, body, and our relationships in the world using ancient techniques from shamanism, energy medicine, coaching, and creative expression.

You will learn your own language to help you to decode messages and navigate your Life with your Inner Star Compass.

$295 until September 15
$325 after September 15.


Please contact Jaclyn with questions

You can register online here

or Contact Marlene Hemstead at Retreat at Loon Pond

To preregister, please PM Marlene on her Facebook Page at "Retreat at Loon Pond" or email You may also call 207.576.1858. Space is limited so secure your site today! 

Looking forward to the next journey with you,