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Fall Foliage Island Retreat, A Women's Weekend!

Join us for a Women's Wilderness Wisdom Journey to the Island!

We will travel by canoe to the Ancient Island on a lake where we will sleep close to the earth beneath the stars.

We will cook our meals directly on the campfire, living in our small community of supportive women over the weekend.

This weekend will offer group circles for teachings, processing, and healing, as well as space and time for solo contemplation, journaling, exploring, and integrating.

To open and begin the Weekend, we will

"Earth Map a Pathway to Your Destiny Star"

We begin with creating a catcher for spirit on the Earth, a circle of stones set as your sacred space to work and to be reflected by the Earth. We create an energetic holding container for your dreams and processing for the weekend. We will work with these maps throughout the weekend to see where you are, to see what is blocking you, to learn to hear the whispers of your inner star compass...and map out your next steps beyond the retreat.

For more about Earth Mapping you can check out my website Click Here

We will begin the day with simple practices to ease the mind and gracefully step into the beauty of the day.

Crystal Singing Bowl sound vibrations to greet the rising sun and set the day in motion.

Breathing, movement meditation, and simple practices that help bring us to stillness so we can better hear the messages that come from the inner core essence of who we are.

Take some time to live simply, to bring stillness to your life and ease to your mind, to clarify your truth and joy, and to breathe life into your dreams. Take the time to remember who you really are.

On the final day of the Retreat we take a "Journey up the Vision Tree" to receive clear guidance as to the steps to take beyond the Retreat.

There will be a follow up call phone call session with Jaclyn once you return home to help you to integrate the teachings, healing, and insights gained from the retreat and for any further support you may need at that time.

Included in this Retreat:
-Meals & Snacks from Friday Dinner -Lunch on Sunday
-Canoes, Paddles, Life Jackets & cooking gear
-Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations & Practices
-Yurt (Oaktagon) for sleeping (cooking and gathering if raining)
-Composting Toilets
-Swimming/rope swing

-Walking Trails

-follow up phone call session with Jaclyn

What you will need to bring
-Tent (if you prefer to tent)
-Sleeping bag/sleeping pad/small pillow
-Personal Items

(A full gear list will be sent upon registration)

What Past Participants are saying:

Fall Foliage Canoe & Nature Retreat, A Journey Inward

October 2015

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Jaclyn Ouillette’s Wilderness Wisdom Journeys on One Big Sustainable Island in the wilds of Maine and I have enjoyed immediate blessings since! She guided us with subtle gentleness throughout the weekend working masterfully with the ebb and flow of the group.We began with a sacred stone circle where Jaclyn guided us to let go and ask questions of ourselves. This helped us open to receive the answers that would unfold with clarity at the end of our journey. We sat in sacred fire, building our dreams into the setting sun. We journeyed to the stars guided by Jaclyn’s words, tuning forks, and crystal singing bowls under a canopy of trees. We ate breakfasts by the fireside and swam in the brisk autumn waters of the Ancient Island, rooting ourselves into the very being of the Earth. She held space gracefully for the group allowing us to fall back into our own light, finding our inner compass. Every breath was an opening for deeper understanding, every walk down a path was filled with the whispers of spirit. Thank you Wilderness Wisdom Journeys! Forever changed~"

-Faith Johnson

Winter Reflections Women's Weekend Retreat February 2016

“Jaclyn is one of my favorite teachers. I have worked with her a lot in the past 3 years and have learned so much from her. She brings a deep sense of the sacred with unquestionable respect and honor of the traditions she has learned from. While she holds the energy of a group in a very thoughtful and serious presence, she also has one of the most amazing knacks for keeping things light and fun and silly. Jaclyn easily lights up the room with her humor and incredible glow of spirit and makes new community feel comfortable and safe, in what are sometimes unchartered territories for people. Jaclyn’s resonance with the Earth is easily felt and grounded in all her work, and the earth has a funny way of registering it’s own teachings while being held by Jaclyn. During the last Wilderness Women’s Retreat, I was able to come to understand some places of resistance in myself better. I could see more clearly some things that I am working to accept about myself and was given some new tools to explore those places more and inspired to try incorporating them into my everyday life. My experience at the sauna and plunging into an ice cold stream held by the forest was perhaps my most awakening moment. Everything suddenly seemed to be so acutely alive and radiating under a whole new vibration! I could acutely feel my fears, my love, my voice, my courage to be barefoot in the snow! And to share this with a partnership of other sisters created a safe space to do this. Over the course of the weekend this group of women was able to quickly create a friendly cozy little community that supported each other with ease and fun. The setting was perfect, off grid in an eco-conscious little retreat center, nestled in little cabins and yurts in a mountainside, with a roaring brook nearby and an easy hike to some beautiful views!” -Tiff

The Island Retreat, A Maine Wilderness Wisdom Journey July 2015

"What an amazing retreat we had on the Ancient Island! Thank you Jaclyn Ouillette, for your wisdom, your work and your gentle ways. Thank you to all the participants for being present! Thank you to all the animals that blessed us with their grace! Thank you to the Sun for the Light, and the Rain for the clearing! Thank you to Mother Earth for holding us! We are richly blessed ~~"

-Joanne Weiss

The Island Retreat, A Maine Wilderness Wisdom Journey July 2015

"The Island retreat was magical! The feeling of being out in nature, close to the ground, open to the sky -- yet perfectly safe and contained. For me this was a rare moment, when I could let down the guard and allow for deep healing to happen. I left with a feeling of overwhelming gratitude to the Island and its people: ancient and present."-Yelena Shvets

This retreat will be Guided by Jaclyn Ouillette, Wilderness Wisdom Guide, Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Practitioner of the Generational Healing Method & Professional Registered Maine Wilderness Guide

Jaclyn has been leading Wilderness Journeys focused on personal growth and awareness since 2004. With a devastating battle with "uncurable, late-stage" lyme disease Jaclyn found herself on a 7-year journey that forced her to slow down and re-evaluate what was really important to her. Jaclyn had to re-establish her deep connection with the earth, her focus on health, well being, and ultimately her own truth. This journey has led her into uncovering layers that lead to the awakening of the human spirit and expanding consciousness. Jaclyn believes that in living simply and close to the earth, our true selves are remembered and brought to light.


With 4 people $527 per person

With 5 people $427 per person

with 6 people $357 per person

The cost goes down with more people so invite your friends ~

Space is limited on this retreat! We have limited space within the yurt where we will be sleeping, and we will be going very deep. I want to have time to really connect with each one of you.

**This Fall Foliage Women's Weekend Retreat is only open to the first 6 who send in their deposits.......Deposits are due by Tuesday September 27, 2016!

Please send a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space to my paypal

or a check written out to Jaclyn Ouillette
and mailed to:

133 Burnell Dr

Yarmouth, Maine 04096

For questions and to register please email or call Jaclyn at or 207-319-4116.

The full payments will be due two weeks prior to the start of the Retreat on September 30, 2016.

I Iook forward to this journey with you,