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"Journey of the Vision Tree" Transfromational, Rustic, Women's Spring Camping Retreat

  • Teaching Lodge 159 Earthways Road Canaan, Maine 04924 (map)

Are you ready to clear the clutter and confusion from your being so you can vision a brighter clearer future of YOU?

This is an invitation to Women who are desiring time to be really close to nature, to clear on the levels of body, mind, & spirit, and to Receive a Clear Vision for Your Future!

This next journey is designed for you to be able to slow down, relax, take some time just for you, and to also be supported by a community of women immersed in a peaceful, supportive environment.


"The Journey of the Vision Tree" is a Women's Weekend Retreat that takes you on a journey through self reflection, guided crystal singing bowl sound journeys, and activities where you are in direct contact with the Earth to assist you in seeing and healing on all levels of your being.


Hello I am Jaclyn Ouillette, Founder of Wilderness Wisdom Journeys, a guiding company I developed to help women find their purpose, get crystal clear on their true direction, and step into living their dreams! I am a guide for deep transformational journeys on the inner and outer realms.

The Journey of the Vision Tree is inspired by a journey I took with a giant tree in 2010. The journey of which was so expansive for me, it is still unfolding!

At the time I was just healing from a long battle with Lyme Disease. The Lyme brought fear into me about connecting with the Earth in every capacity. I had gone to college to become an outdoor educator and then worked as a wilderness guide, and when I contracted Lyme and couldn't work anymore I was completely devastated!

I felt like my whole world fell apart. I didn't know where to go, I didn't know what to do. I was so desperate for healing... I would stay awake at night churning my mind to figure out a new path, a new way to live. How could this have happened to me? I was scared to take the next step forward, that the next step might be a disaster, or that my entire life might crumble before me if it wasn't the right choice.

Along the way I learned about the journey process. And I used to travel to a friend's property to sit in quiet, to sit in solitude, and to clear my mind of all the clutter and confusion. I journeyed, with guidance to connect with the deeper parts of myself. It is in this process that I have been able to heal, and to move forward in a direction where I don't always know what is coming next. I have learned to trust my intuition, my guidance, my inner Star Compass... and have built a life based on my future vision, rather than the hurts of my past. I have a freedom based life style, a happy mother, and I love my work!

And this is what I wish to share with you on this retreat!

We will return to the exact Grandmother and Grandfather Trees on that special piece of land where we will be held and nourished by the Earth.


We will focus on your personal journey with support and guidance from nature around us. Beautiful trees, cold water swims, and acres of quiet, peaceful land to explore.

Over the Weekend we will work together to:

  • Slow Down & Listen to Your Inner Calling

  • Deepen Your Roots and build a Strong Foundation

  • Connect with the Core Essence of who YOU really are

  • Gain a Clear Vision of your path

  • Clear obstacles in your way to attaining your higher dreams

  • See your very next steps to take after the Retreat

  • Bonus options to continue deep work with support beyond the retreat!

The journey begins with Deepening the Roots where you focus on your own roots in your life, growing them deeper and stronger to support the rest of the weekend, and to continue supporting you beyond the retreat.

You move to Finding the Flexibility, Stability & Courage by tapping into Your Inner Core Essence (Your Inner Star Essence!).

We work to expand and outstretch your arms to the stars, Flowering & Blooming into Your more expanded and Open Self.

And finally The Vision Tree!

From the Crown of the Tree you will journey to receive a vision for the highest potentials in your will bring these pieces back and work to incorporate them into your body. To learn to live and breathe them.

Then learn how to take the steps and embody the New Vibration as you re-renter your life beyond the retreat.

Crystal Singing Bowls and silent meditation and gentle movements inspired by martial arts at sunrise. Meals around the open fire in the outer kitchen, teaching and journey circles, solo and processing time...walks and swimming to assist in the integration. Additional personal session work may be scheduled (Energy Medicine Sessions, Thai Bodywork)

 This Journey is for you if:

·         You have an inner knowing as to what your calling is, but are struggling to make it a reality

·         You don’t know how to take your dreams from thoughts and turn them into your life's reality

·         You are stuck in a job you don't like (or absolutely hate) and want to change that

·         You may dread getting out of bed a tiny bit in the morning, and want to "just make it through the day"

·         Your outer expression of life doesn’t match what you feel on the inside

·         You are feeling overwhelmed with the long list of things to do, and want to step back relax, and evaluate where you are putting your time and energy

·         You are feeling overworked, drained, and seeking to fill your self up spiritually.

Or You just desire some time to just be and connect with nature, your truth, and who you really are!


Registration is Open!



On this Journey, You will discover your own inner language which will help you to decode messages and navigate your Life from your Inner Star Compass.

You are invited to join a small community of Women on a highly transformational and potentially life changing journey ~

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Super Early Bird Registration by Earth Day Sunday April 22, 2018!!

Early Bird Registration by May 8

May 9th until the Retreat


What's Included:

  • Meals and Snacks from Dinner Friday-Lunch Sunday

  • Camping either tent or inside on the floor of the lodge

  • Teachings, Guidance, Support, Crystal Singing Bowls, Initiations and Journeys guided by Jaclyn Ouillette

  • Individual Support and Guidance

A recommended packing list and more information will be sent upon registration.


Please contact Jaclyn with questions

Looking forward to the next journey with you,